Debt Advice


Referring to the mission to help customers to manage a healthy financial life, you could set up a service for debt advice/management, regardless of where the debt came from?


This is extremely important to us and we want to make sure we get it just right, therefore we’re taking our time to work with the right people to achieve this. In the meantime, the Money Advice Service offers free debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing of credit information services.

#3 - I helped a friend of mine deal with a debt problem a few years ago and we used this service (previously called Consumer Credit Counseling Service).


Thanks. I’m not in debt (I’m only 18), but I was thinking of others in that situation.


Thanks for the feedback @Liam_Emanuel - it’s certainly on our radar!


I’d rather see Starling signposting to the likes of money advice service and stepchange, keeps the advice independent and prevents (and prevents accusations of) conflict of interest (say you have an overdraft with Starling) or profit seeking routes such as unsuitable IVAs or DMPs with fees


I agree. It’d be interesting to maybe couple this with the API so that if you do engage the help of the Money Advice Service they could use the API to help you manage your account more directly, if that makes sense.