Debit Card Signature


As a new customer of this digital bank and having just received my debit card, I was just wondering why the card is “not valid unless signed”.

I can’t remember the last time a retailer actually checked the signature on one of my cards during a transaction.

Most transactions are now contactless so the retailer never actually sees or touches the card to see the signature on the back.

Having to sign the card seems very “legacy” bank or have I missed something?


I have often wondered about this as well. I suppose it is just a legacy from before on line shopping and pre contactless days.


In the US many places use chip and signature or still swipe your card, so I think it is more required for use abroad rather than here.


I was also under the impression that this was more for overseas usage rather than UK


A lot of places also accept a bank card as id. When doing so they normally check the signature against whatever form you are signing.


Could it also be a requirement of MasterCard?


I work somewhere that doesn’t have contactless! Sometimes if the chip is dirty or the reader had issues reading the chip… it does ask the cashier to swipe the card and therefore requiring the signature - if the card doesn’t have a signature we need to deny it!

However you can only swipe a card if there’s issues with the machine reading the chip, it will tell you off if you swipe the card otherwise.


I’ve been in a Supermarket before and the till system was down, they manually swiped the cards, and if the card wasn’t signed they couldn’t accept it as they couldn’t check the signature.

Even in 2017 systems do go down, so the signature protects you from abuse.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. It hadn’t dawned on me all these cases where a signature might me required. Having a positive debate with customers of a legacy bank just wouldn’t happen. Go starling. :clap:


I have been in a shop where a lady’s card was rejected as unsigned. She asked for a pen and offered to sign it there. They refused and told her she could be anybody and just signing a unsigned found or stolen card. She was annoyed :slight_smile:


I can imagine she was
Did not ask her to provide some additional proof of ID or another card that may have had a signature on it


No, they were, I was going to type something with asterisks in, let’s say jobsworths