Debit card packaging


Ok, so I know first impressions count however…

I’ve also got a Loot card as well as Starling and noticed that both cards came in fairly elaborate packaging. It was very funky and interesting to open but I do have to wonder if it’s actually really worth it for a standard debit card.

If it was a high value (ie Platinum) Credit Card then yes - I would expect something a bit more special when I get my card. But personally, especially with a start-up fintech bank who I would suspect is still needing to watch the cash-flow, I think the extra expense of the card boxes (both in producing them, and also in postage) which will end up in the bin anyway, it probably not worth it.

Although, in the boxes defence, I’d also say in their favour there is less likelihood of a card going missing in the post as someone dodgy feels through the envelope and realises it’s a card of some sort and takes it…

I’m also not sure if replacement cards are sent in the same box, or if they’re just sent out with a letter.

What do you think? Should Starling switch to the more ‘traditional’ letter with card stuck with the gummy stuff that all the legacy banks do or keep the presentation boxes?

Lets have a poll…

  • Keep the boxes - it’s a great first impression and makes Starling stand out from the crowd
  • Ditch the boxes - waste of money for something that’ll be in the bin shortly.

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However fancy, when my card arrives I throw away any packaging or box or leaflet or insert. It seems a waste of money to me tarting it up just for a fleeting few seconds of a good impression. Cut this unnecessary cost and keep your bills down. Also it is less rubbish to go to my local rubbish dump.


Yeah, I agree. It’s a great first impression but…it dies after like 5 minutes. And the packaging goes straight to the bin.

Cut down your costs, Starling. People chose Starling for your mobile app features, not because of the packaging.


I’ve kept my packaging for all the FinTech cards I’ve recieved… because I’m sad!


You could almost say the same for various other consumer items that can be bought or applied for

Why not keep the packaging special and colourful as long as it can be recycled

Do we all want to live in a boring world where everything is stripped back to the absolute minimum

If that’s the case let’s start with Xmas and Easter followed by Halloween hype before attacking a simple cardboard box from a bank that is trying to make its customers feel a little special


…attacking… :hushed:

Wow, that escalated quickly.


Reading the above it just seems that everyone has a negative comment to make on the wrapping that Starling have placed around their card

My wife impression is that it was very smart looking packaging . I never considered that it should be simply on a piece of paper to keep the running costs down. It was rather “wow that looks good”

Sometimes Starling just cannot win but then we are all different with different opinions


I like it, it’s nice but pointless coz it just went in the bin… How much money did I just throw in the bin, £4.99 vs 25p?


MY Daughter and now my son get hours of pleasure form that box


I did too. :joy:


Indifferent as to if they keep it or not. Thought it was unique and was better designed then the card.

But wouldn’t have thought any less if it arrived as per any other bank, the huge saggy jiffybag it came in was a bit odd for a bank though.

Does anyone know if its recyclable I guess would be my question? A lot of printed materials cant be depending on the finish used so would be interesting to know if that was considered.

(Disclosure - i did just toss it in the bin regardless).


I think the fancy packaging that the debit card arrives in is fantastic! It may end up in the (recycling) bin but it creates a great first impression. I’ve had a number of current accounts and credit cards in my time, including some of the new fintech startups, and this really made Starling stand out.


I am so glad that somebody else actually feels the same way

It’s all about first impressions

I only wish that the card would stand out a little more


Hot Coral? :thinking:

Seriously, it seems that many Monzonauts favour a more discreet purple or blue card to the one they have. :roll_eyes:


I think it creates a good impression. Starling will probably never send me any mail apart from a card every couple of years. Spending a wee bit extra on card packaging doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.


Doesn’t have to be colour that makes it stand out

Logo or design features can also have an impact


Amazing how the colour of the Monzo card has been so fiercely discussed on that forum. It must surely be one of the longest threads in that community.

I struggle to get excited (save to say the Starling offering is rather more elegant). :tophat:


It was just a little humour since the subject is, for some reason, decisive for some.

Yes, absolutely right, the design is a bit bland; it’s not all about colour.


I’ve only just joined Starling so haven’t received my “fancy” packaged card yet, but after reading this thread I am really looking forward to it not being a boring plain envelope.


“Unboxing” is part of the experience. It’s one of my favourite things when getting new things :slight_smile:

Apple absolutely nail this.

Don’t change Starling. Receiving my Starling card was much more impressive then getting my Monzo card.