Debit Card Outage


Really quite disappointed that it’s taken Starling 20 minutes longer than Monzo to report an outage and that there’s zero information on the status page other than it’s broke. There’s no notification in the app and obviously no SMS Message as this is disabled.

It’s embarrassing trying to buy your dinner and your stood waiting a long time for a transaction to complete.

What worries me further is that once Monzo stop using GPS when they kill their pre-paid card, I’m not going to get any notifications at all!


You won’t get notifications because the Monzo current account doesn’t use GPS and won’t have outages when GPS does


You’re relying on Monzo prepaid GPS outage messages to let you know when Starling has an outage.



I think push notification on these should be top of the list for the next update.


The second option @Johnny, I rely on Monzo’s outage notifications because Starlings are poor/non-existent.


I did comment on similar before. I don’t understand why Starling is not transparent and or proactive with this?


Still no in-app notification…

We were told during the last outage that the SMS was disabled because they had better ways of informing us now. Well that definitely isn’t the case. I only know that my transaction was messed up because of Monzo’s SMS. Nothing from Starling.


I’m currently on a train into London having successfully used my card to touch in… I’m assuming I’ll be fine as TfL issue an offline transaction so I’ll still get through the gates OK at the other end!?

Wish me luck… :stuck_out_tongue:


There are no knows issues with Starling currently.


Er… Yeah there are…


Okay, cheers


if only there was a notification :smiley:


Good luck!

I was in Morrisons and it took well over a minute for the transaction to complete, the terminal reset/timed out twice (screen went blank and then went back to Processing) and eventually completed but I imagine it’s done it offline as it was only a few quid. Transaction hasn’t shown up in the app.


Managed to use my card in Sainburys at lunch with contactless. Showed in app and come trough as a notification.


Outage started at 12:54 BST according to Monzo so if you bought your lunch before then, you’d probably be OK.


Thanks, I’m seriously hoping I won’t need it… :wink: :pensive: I’ll update from Cannon Street, gate wise. LOL

I’m not too nervy as I know Starling CS will help with any errors in cost etc…

EDIT: I’m here and the gates opened as usual; and here was me thinking I’d possibly have to busk this to get out… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I was on the verge of moving my current account to Starling until I discovered Payees functionality was incomplete. Forthcoming update makes me hopeful. That’s a plus.

The goals (should be Pots) feature is useful and different to my legacy Bank. That’s another plus.

But these regular outages caused by GPS, combined with zero proactive notifications from Starling themselves, makes me too nervous to move accounts.

With something like a Current Account you need to be able to depend upon availability.




Monzo very upfront and open, Starling absolutely nothing.

I wonder what line we’re going to be spun by @anne this time.


I have to thank Curve for letting me know about the outage. Curve.

This is one of the reasons why I can’t have Starling as my main bank. You can’t do this.


Starling has changed to Operational on the Status Page. No explanation and they’ve deleted the Past Incident.


I think you should just do that anyway and of course film it and post it here!