Debit card ordering feedback


Yesterday I have had to replace my card, it does not work at all!! If I tap it the machine doesn’t even notice the card is there. ATMs just spit it out straight away.

On the app I have ordered a new card but the only option is lost and stolen. It would be really handy to order a replacement and keep the old card active, even if it is only kept active for a short period of time.

The reason I say this is my card number isn’t showing yet in the app but it is available on Apple Pay, I was promoted by the app to add it to Apple Pay.

Regarding Apple Pay I now have two cards listed one old that does not work and the new one. It would also be handy if the old one is removed automatically.

Thanks :+1:

Edit: I’ve now checked my Apple Pay wallet to remove the old card number and the old card has changed into the new one. I now Two copies of my starling card on the wallet.


Thanks for letting us know @avian946. Sorry to hear about your old card (not sure why this would have happened).

Good feedback about Apple Wallet. Will explore if we can do anything here.


It was a bit unusual I have other cards that sit in the wallet I’ve used another and it’s fine, so I don’t think it’s the way I’m storing it.


Hi @avian946 - this definitely shouldn’t be the case, we’ll make sure we take a look at this. When you order a new card it should auto update on your Apple Wallet account, it sounds like due to the sequence here that didn’t occur as it should do. We will be working on adding the ability to replace your card rather than cancel and order a new one.


Hi @sarah.guha I had a similar issue when replacing a lost debit card. I ordered the card in app and got presented with the virtual card screen, with the text saying your card will be despatched on 8th march. The screen implied I could then add my card to Wallet by clicking the link which I duly did and it did indeed add my new card to Wallet, but it didn’t remove my old card so when I tried to make a payment I mistakenly used the old Apple Pay card and the transaction declined until I selected my new card. (My Starling card is my Apple Pay default so it had tried to pay by my old card token by default).

This was using iPhone X on latest version of iOS and Starling app.


Thanks for this extra info, useful to know. We’re looking into it.


As a follow up to this I received my card today but the app said “ your card will be sent on the 14th March.”

This wording doesn’t seem very good it makes it sound like the card is dispatched on the 14th when it’s actually expected on the 14th.

Is this on purpose to manage expectations in case you can’t ship as fast as you would like?


Okay… now Apple Pay is acting up a bit, I’m trying to add my HSBC card to Apple Pay. I click on the plus icon in the wallet and the starling card is coming up asking me to enter the CVV code. Which is coming out of nowhere as the card is already added and being used, not to mention this is coming up when I didn’t click on the card at all. Normally when you click the plus icon it asks for the card number of the new card. I’ve tried doing what it asks and entering the CVV code but then it says “card is already in wallet.” I’ve fixed this by removing the card and adding it again.

I’ve included a screenshot in case it helps. All in all this wasn’t a silky smooth experience changing my debit card.


My recent replacement card was sent on the date stated.

Perhaps your card was sent early for some reason.


Generally, cards are sent on the dispatch date given on the card screen. Delivery is then 2-3 days from the dispatch date.

It sounds like you got yours early, which we hope is a bonus! :slightly_smiling_face:

RE adding other cards to Apple Pay, this is the first time I’ve seen the issue you noted reported. We’ll keep an eye on this as we definitely want the process to be as smooth as possible.