Debit Card details not displayed in card menu option


I have an issue that in my business account I am unable to view the details of my existing debit card. However I am prompted to order a new one?

This means I can’t view the card number, cvs, PIN etc for my existing card.


Sounds like your existing card has been cancelled for some reason - @StarlingSupport could you respond please?


We’ll be happy to take a look into what may have prompted this. You should receive a message via the app shortly.

Happy to help.


@danmullen - Existing card is valid and I’ve used it today… It’s just no details for it are displayed in the card menu option, only the ability to order a new card.


@Oliver_Wright have responded in app


Strange - let us know what the issue was once it’s sorted :+1:t2:


Maybe theres a secret force at work - but how do you know from someone’s post on here their details to message them in the App?


Same email address used to sign up; I’m guessing each option to sign in here will likely forward the email address used for each service on.


Ah OK, i use a different email so did wonder.


@StarlingSupport, @Oliver_Wright The issue now seems to be resolved and I can view my existing card and usual card admin functionality.