Dealing with cash takings for a Starling Business Account


Hi Guys,

Cash takings

I’m hoping that we could have a prettier solution than the slightly painful workaround to getting cash into a Starling Personal Account.

I’m wondering if the Starling Product Development team could give us some thoughts on how they would consider solving that particular real problem for business customers.

Do we have any idea of what the costs would be to Starling for allowing deposits to be made at the Post Office?


Not just for business but is it possible to put cash into my current account, I’m selling on eBay and one is a potential cash buyer so if they win I want to deposit the cash into my account


Hi @Matthewward1 the current process of paying in cash is via a Natwest branch…

To deposit cash into your Starling account, you will need to visit a NatWest branch.

Please provide the below account details:-
**Starling Bank Account Number: 48588725
Starling Bank Sort Code: 600001 **

The reference that needs to be used for the deposit is your Surname + Your Starling Account Number.

The reference is very important, so please ensure that it is added to the deposit!


Brilliant thank you, regarding the reference should that include a space between surname and account or does it not matter


I’ve been told by Natwest staff that they can’t put a space in between the two. (My cash has always arrived in my account and Natwest always type it all in for you; I’d assume from what I was told that no space is needed.)

I always grab a receipt for the cash just in case, it’s usual for the reference NOT to be printed on your receipt.


Thank you


When I read this alarm Bellamy rings I’m my mind that something could go wrong and someone will be credited with a business taking.

For business customers would it not be better to issue a paying in book.

So to minimise room for mistakes !!!


@Zack_Carter I believe that something is in the works… I’m very curious on this myself. :slight_smile:


Yep, definitely need a better solution for paying in cash, for both personal and business accounts. We need to be able to at least use the post office for deposits instead of another bank like NatWest. It seems strange to me, considering Starling has no branches, that Post office deposits weren’t one of the first features available for any account type.


Paying in cash is an absolute requirement for us as we retail direct to the public. We have signed up for an account anyway, but it will lay unused until we can easily pay in cash at, for example the post office.

Our account at the moment is with CashPlus and lets us pay in at the post office. They charge £2.50 per£1000, which is quite reasonable compared to legacy banks. They charge £1 for every transfer out though, which soon adds up.


End of April for Post Office deposits, apparently (Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office).


Great! Thanks. Let’s hope that timeline is for business as well as personal. Still no mention of charges though, I doubt it will be free for businesses.