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I am attempting to join Starling. When I get to the DOB section all it does is have a calendar. There is no way to MANUALLY enter my DOB and I am advised I need to scroll back to reach my DOB. But given my DOB is 1956, and I would need to scroll back over 600 pages, that is just not feasible. Surely there is a way around this? Have others come across this issue? Any thoughts as to what to do? This is the key stumbling block in getting me signed up. Thanks

Date picker

@Patrick please can the team assist @Jonathan_Treacher


@Jonathan_Treacher I think I’ve seen something about a similar issue on here before and you can tap on the year and free type the year. I may be getting mixed up with something else though. worth a try.



Are you on Samsung? Unfortunately on Samsung they override our date component with one of their own. To change the year, just tap on the year that displays and it will open a scroll view where you can more easily select the year. I hope this helps. For Samsung devices, we are making a tweak to default to the year view to help future customers with this problem.


Useful to know, thanks Sarah!


For an update…on other Android devices the date picker we changed a couple of releases ago to be a more conventional DD Month YYYY scroller.


Thanks> Managed to click on the YEAR and scroll easily to 1956 etc. Problem solved. Thanks. Now another problem. It asks for my Address. I fill it in. Asks for another address. I fill it in. But no button to FINISH and move on. Asks for some kind of code (which I do not have and may be optional) but I seem stuck in a LOOP of it just asking for address and nothing else. HELP


Come have a live chat with us here - @Jonathan_Treacher.

We can certainly help.



May I suggest that you change the now outdated date picker when choosing dates for payments. Only a minor thing but if you want to select a certain day i.e a Friday in October you have to use a calendar to tell you what dates the Fridays fall on in october the date picker you are using dates back to the 1st days of android and has changed dramatically since then with other options available


H @Paul_Bromley - your post has been merged into this existing thread. As per my comments above, are you using a Samsung? Unfortunately Samsung override the date picker we have implemented with their own calendar date picker.

Of course if any devs know a way around this, we are of course open to suggestions.


No not a Samsung user my phone is a Huewei


Ok and you’re on the latest version of the app?


I am yes, u can override the default date picker, i have done so with an app i am writing which has worked no problem a number of different phones.


Just read the topic in full i am getting the default date scroller u mention but it doesnt show the day u r selecting i.e. Friday when selecting the date so if you guess it wrong you need to go back in and redo it, not what is expected in this modern smartphone world i think