Data sharing concerns


I see that Tail is now in the Marketpalce. I downloaded their app, but before adding it to my Starling bank account, I took a bit of time to read some of the T&Cs.

I’m concerned to have read that adding Starling’s approved partner to my account, Tail will get pretty much get all of my personal info (D.O.B, address history etc), but more worryingly, all my debit card transaction details (including historic transactions), direct debit and standing order details etc. All of which have nothing to do with the cash back deals that Tail Offer. Reading further into Tails’s T&Cs, I would be agreeing that they can share this info with their current and future retailers. So I don’t even know who would get this data tomorrow!!

I’m new to Starling and haven’t taken the leap to switching my main account to Starling yet. This kind of ‘partnership’ with Tail worries me. Cash back offers are commonplace with most if not all main banks, but not to this level of data sharing. Given the forthcoming GDPR regulations, this surprises me.

Staring, offer me benefits and great features, but first and foremost protect the very sensitive data that I choose to give you if I choose Starling as my main banker. Offering me a cash back deal at the expense of you sharing pretty much all of my financial transaction details is not looking after my interests. Yes, it is me the customer that presses the ‘I Agree’ button, but please don’t put me in a position where I need to look at small print T& Cs to protect my very sensitive banking transaction details.

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Hi there, thank you for raising this. I can see this post is also in the Starling Marketplace thread so we’ve closed this duplicate post and encourage discussion here :point_right: Starling Marketplace