Daily top-up limit


What is this feature? What is it topping up?


You can top your Starling account up from another bank account.

Or use faster payments.

Its just another string to the bow


Ah ok, so when it says ‘using your debit card’, it doesn’t mean ‘using your Starling debit card’!


I don’t understand why they are still using this terminology given it’s been mentioned several times before, it just means you can only use your Santander (for example) debit card to put money into your Starling account to a limit of £250 per day. It’s just an alternative to bank transfer or direct debit etc to get money from another account into Starling, but I really wish they’d use something other than ‘top up’.


Yep - I don’t understand how it’s a feature given the ease of inter-bank transfers


It could be that you don’t have access to the online banking for said card.

So this is another way to top up.

I wondered about the security. What happens if you find a card on the road.

Could you use it to top your acc up?


It depends on the bank. Some banks do transfers 24/7 so a faster payment is the best option. Other banks in UK do faster payments only during banking hours and not evenings or weekends. For those customers card top up is better.

Also for those that want to send funds from abroad, they would usually make SEPA SCT transfers, but this can take a couple of days, so again a card top up is useful if they need the money in a hurry.


I used this to get the money across from my TSB account, which I am still unable to access, so it is a great idea.

Eventually, I will do a CASS to switch everything over, but I’ve tried about 15 times and it’s constantly unsuccessful. I guess because TSB is trying desperately to keep me…


A friend of mine has an 18 year old, still in college, and he uses this to put money in her account as he doesn’t use any kind of modern banking gubbins… He drives to his local branch for literally everything bank related and without internet banking this is the easiest and quickest way to put money in her account… So I can still see the need… Even if it is for literally one, single, solitary person who won’t be told! :joy:


I was able to do a switch out from TSB during the chaos which has now completed so if yours is failing it may be worth retrying or speaking with them directly.


A simple change for Top up using your Debit card to Top up your Starling account, using a debit card from a different bank account, or something similar.

That would solve any confusion, as clearer says what it means.