Daily Payment Amount Limit Error Message


Found out that a daily payment limit of £10,000 applies for fund transfer out of starling today.

Tried doing another amount to my NatWest account and just an error message appeared.

Perhaps it might be worth highlighting this limit once someone reaches it than just an error message.


It’s a very valid point, we have some updates planned to make this clearer.


Thank you, i appreciate it’s a large amount and not everyone wouldn’t hit the threshold.

But what happens to those paying a loan off or buying a house or a car!


I presume this would be an anti-fraud or money laundering control. If I needed to make a +10,000 transfer would I be able to contact CS to get it pre-authorised? Or could this be built into the app (I realise this situation would be relatively rare)


or an expensive watch or wedding ring.


For those type of purchase I would use my Amex lol


Amex is a funny thing. I had a platinum credit card from a Private banking part of the RBS group and shop assistants talked to me normally but when I showed a premium Amex card it was all yes Sir no Sir as they talked to me differently. Very bizzare.


After what happened with Monarch any large purchase I wound use a credit card or charge card for guarantee if something went wrong.

Also think of the points :rofl:


If you won the jackpot on the lottery would you have it paid into Starling :slight_smile:


Yes, I would


Say then you wanted to move £500,000 of your winnings to an investment account how would you go about it?


I wouldn’t bother investing it, I would spend it on property.


So say the property you were buying was £500,000 how would you go about paying for it from your Starling account?


Hey @Jon :wave:

The good news is we’re able to make high value payments on behalf of our customers. Those interested in the service need to contact us via the app so we can complete some verification and get arrangements in place.


@alexandra Good to know, it could be me, or you!


It’s all about positive thinking. :wink: So WHEN I win, yes I would have it payed into my Starling account. :smile: