Daily mobile wallet limit


@StarlingSupport The new Android release has a more detailed description of daily mobile wallet limits, explaining that the limit is £500 until you activate your physical card, at which point it goes up to £2,500.

I activated my physical card back in November 2017 yet my daily mobile wallet limit is £500.


I can confirm this too, my limit is only showing as £500.

Am using the latest Android build of the Starling app.


£2500 here on iOS for reference


Mine also shows a limit of£500 despite the physical card being used for while.

I took it that the card limits page wasn’t dynamic so didn’t think anything of it not reflecting my actual limit.

It would be good if the page updated, so for example taking into account the transactions you’ve made today and how much of your limit is remaining.


Daily card transaction limit £10,000 (I wish)
Maximum number of card transactions in a day 50
Daily ATM withdrawal limit £300
Max number of ATM withdrawals per day 6
Daily mobile wallet transaction limit £2,500 (can be increased to £10,000)


Are you on iOS or Android @RogerB?


My mobile wallet limit is also £500 despite using my physical card several times.

I’m on Android.


@danmullen I’m iOS. R-


This would appear to be an issue with the Android app then!


Seems so. I put all the limits found in the iOS “Card and Payment Limits” for broader comparison with Android. R-


Hello everyone, I asked around and you should all have a limit of 2500 once the card is activated regardless of iOS/Android.
FYI , there is also another thread confirming the same.

I think the best course of action is to contact CS.


@Kris all the Android users in this thread are reporting the same thing - a £500 limit displayed in the Android app. It seems to be working fine for iOS users.

Could you please log this internally rather than all Android users having to go through CS?


@danmullen I might have misunderstood the problem when reading the posts above, some clarification will definitely help us nail down the issue faster.

Is the issue

  1. The contents of Payment Limits screens is static for now, and it is not updated based on card usage? That means it is showing £500 even when you have activated the card?


  1. Is your actual limit still £500 after activating the card - and this is important -has your Wallet provisioned card payment of £501 or more failed to execute at merchants?

For example @Parker says his limit is still 500 …I understood this to be use case 2). Others seems to be indicating the issue is use case 1)…

Please let me know and thank you for your patience.


Hi @Kris

I haven’t tried spending more than £500, so I don’t know if I am actually restricted to this limit.

But the limits screen does show £500 even though I have used the physical card (e.g. as recent as yesterday at Tesco). My understanding was (and I may be wrong), once I’ve used my physical card at least once, that £500 should be increased automatically.

I hope that helps, but happy to share more info if required.

I’ve just noticed the overview screen says £500 per day, but when you tap the info icon, it says £500 per transaction.


Yes, I don’t think it’s terribly clear that it’s static and doesn’t update.

Indeed, I’ve just spent today and the overall daily limit doesn’t go down; it’s hard to tell it’s static if you haven’t spent already that day. :wink:


@Kris similar to @Parker, I believe the problem is number 1 in your description, though it could be 2 as I’ve never tried to spend £500 in a day using my phone, so far.


Hello everyone,

I did further investigate this issue. Here’s my structured summary:

  • Both Android and iOS have Card & Payment Limits screens with static content at the moment. The content is not updated based on your cash flow and transactions. This is a our Minimum Viable Product implementation which means we will introduce improvements while taking your feedback into account.

  • Unfortunately we introduced a discrepancy in the content between the two platforms …from the three Mobile Wallet payment limit levels , iOS shows the £2500 but Android shows £500. It’s a bit of a dilemma to choose the right one (all three levels are right), but we will agree on one amount to show and to align both platforms to avoid further confusion.

  • Expecting dynamically updated values based on your spending makes complete sense. Some customers also thought it’s possible to customise these limits (also a good idea). Both functionalities are something that has been implemented by others. However I am not able to give you a time line for any of these two at the moment, as this requires much more bank platform and client work.

  • Not completely ideal choice of UI elements that hosts these amount values is hinting at something that’s actually not there. Seeing these, some people naturally believed they are indeed updated based on your spending and/or they are editable.
    We have to improve the UX to make it unambiguous. I will raise this with the design team.

  • Unless there is a case where you could not pay over £500 via wallet, I am quite confident your actual limit went up to 2500. It would be very strange if this depended on iOS / Android. These things are typically driven by the bank platform.
    However the only way to prove there is an issue with your limit is seeing a failed transaction over £500 at merchants while having your card in activated state. If that’s the case, the best route to fix this is to contact CS.

Let me know what you think.


Hi Kris - Appreciate the in depth response.

On the point above - Would it not be better for Starling to test this themselves, and then confirm one way or the other?

Asking customers to “see if a super expensive purchase works” isn’t the best UX ever…


@nickhoward Good point, I will ask around if there is some other way to confirm these.


I thought that was the better option than Starling becoming iOS only… which ya know… would be better :wink:

I’m joking Android guys… honestly!