Customised Cash Machine Limits


I normally top up a prepaid card on a night out, purely because if I get stupid and lose my card, I’m not too bothered about losing it. I also will normally have my Barclays card with me, but without the ability to use it by contactless and with a Cash Machine limit. So if I do need to withdraw cash I can, but only by an amount I choose beforehand, and also no risk if I lose the card as contactless is off.

Starling have the contactless control, but doesn’t have Cash Machine control, apart from on and off, I would think having that extra setting would be a good idea.

If I forget to charge my phone, having the Cash Machine set to off in the app wouldn’t work, but having the Cash Machine limit low would be ideal.


Agreed. Being able to lower certain limits in the new Card & Payment Limits screen would be great.


Agreed, my main bank has a £500 limit at the moment.

I’d like the ability to withdraw £500 if absolutely needed, it’s a one off thing (if that, a year). But it’s nice to be able to if I absolutely must rather than send £200 to another bank.


I regularly draw £500 at once, would be nice to have this option, see no reason not to have it.


I had a £750 limit on my RBS Group card, but having a lower limit like £250 is much better. My reasoning is that it still allows you to get some cash when it is really needed but otherwise encourages you to use your card in preference to cash in merchants where that option is available. Increased card use and decreased cash use equates to a greater oversight of your expenditure and hence better money management.