Customers with disabilities


How do you cater for those with disabilities who wish to take on your service or products


Working in retail, I’ve heard of those with disabilities being able to request a chip and signature card. (I’ve only ever had one customer with this type of card given by a UK bank.) I’m curious as to how Starling would assist with this and if there is a protocol set-up already? I’d assume, it’s just different coding on the chip which tells it to require the cashier to verify the signature on the card and reciept?

Chip and signature cards (also known as ‘PIN suppressed’ cards), are available as both debit and credit cards to people who are unable to use a PIN.

I love how the app can remind you of your PIN and despite not needing it myself, I do think it’s a great accesibility feature.


We’d like to make our app and account as accessible as possible, and will continue to exploring the best options to help customers who may need help in this space. We’re very open to any feedback or suggestions on this. Thanks!


My friends daughter is blind, we have been out many times with her, and she has no issue using any debit or credit card, the machines are designed for blind people already with the raised 5 so entering the pin is simple, with contactless she always asks the place first so she knows only to tap it, and so far no one has every been difficult with her asking.