Customer service wishlist


After some of the issues highlighted here recently, what positive changes would you like to see to help improve starling as it grows.

Mine are:

  1. Adaptive in-app FAQs
    These should be easily accessible and responsive to current queries. This will help address people’s concerns faster, reduce complaints, chat requests and calls and improve the CS experience.

  2. Add some personality
    Responses in app or on social media lack emotion to the point where they feel like you’re talking to a bot. Give your team a bit more freedom to vary responses and show more emotion or have a bit of fun. That should see more of a positive response from members.

  3. Improve the chat platform
    Include visual feedback including time for response, if it has been seen and an ability to continue it later - like intercom. Remove the time limit and reorganise the layout when accessing to remove old chats. The drop-off after 5 minutes is a massive frustration, improving this alone will see benefits to responses.

  4. In-app notification area
    These disappear when clicked on, if they were within the app I’m sure you would save lots of time with unnecessary chats/calls.


Can’t really argue with any of that.

I think there’s a fine line between professional CS, and corny/cheesy CS - Something I’ve seen people complain about with Monzo.

There is no getting around the fact that Monzo’s CS system as a whole is better - The fact I can ping them a message and walk away is their best feature (rather than having to wait by my phone with Starling).


Hi @nickhoward you can do the same thing in Starling. There is a “Send us a message” option right bellow “Chat with us” option.


There is a difference. Monzo’s chat is like starlings chat and message combined except it doesn’t time out. If someone is online you can chat instantly, if not you can leave it and they reply when they become free and you can keep the conversation going whenever. That isn’t an option with starling, we get timed out and then have to restart the chat.


I’ve been kicked off a chat without actually getting to speak to someone because nobody answered it within 5 mins.


i had to call CS to reset user device limit - i had to search the number…why not provide it in the initial message that says device limit reached - or better yet ID devices based on IMEI do when one upgrades software or does a reset, it isn’t an issue.

let us attach images to CS chat…

actually make it a chat and not a weird timey out thing that’s half chat half email.

in app notifications showing us all previous declines, refunds, etc.

maybe in the …menu option in each transaction have an option to raise a call that sends the agent all the relevant info on the transaction you are querying.

:slight_smile: thats all i got.


The Monzo help section is powered by machine learning.


Hi @Kris,

I think the others have already said what I would have said anyway, but the way Monzo can have a “chat” like conversation, but do it over a long period of time is very useful.

An example would be:

Had an issue with my Monzo PIN, started a “chat”, and then left the app - I received a push notification a few minutes later with a reply, to which I followed up with about 20 mins later.

It was seamless, and didn’t require me to wait for a response in the app.


Functionally, messages are exactly that. But I agree the UX i.e. the chrome and the additional “tap work” is not helping it feel seamless and easy to use.


The messages section in starling feels more like an email, if chat and messages could be combined (basically just use intercom) you’d be on to a winner. :wink: It all needs to feel seemless, no switching from one to another or timing out.


The platform used for chat needs improvement. Why oh why am I limited to just one huge line of text when I’m sending a message? Why doesn’t it wrap? I can’t make sense of what I’m writing if I can only see the last five words written! It’s as if I’m being discouraged from using the chat service. Monzo’s platform is a good place to start looking if you’re wondering what a good in-app chat looks like.