Customer Service Notifications Deep Linking


Hi, just some feedback, but why is it that, when I get a notification for a customer service message or a transaction and I tap on it, the app opens but doesn’t go to the message or transaction screen, it just goes to the Pulse. Surely if a notification is for a message for example, if you tap it, the app should open and go to that message?? Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but as you all know I’ve been away from the community for a few months, I spoke to customer services and they said they never heard this mentioned before so thought I would share it on here. Thanks.


Yes, that’s the case on iOS at the moment. I think they are working on improving this. Their Android app is further ahead in this regard.


On Android if I get a notification I only see part on screen and when I tap on it it does not display the full message but just takes me into the app


Have you tried holding and pulling down the notification? I know some notifications are expandable.


@sarah.guha has acknowledged there are improvements to be made in this area.


It seems to depend on the notification. If it’s about a successful transaction, it takes me straight to that transaction. Not sure about other notification types, but if I get a decline, I cannot see the full reason, and I’m just taken to the Pulse when I tap on it.


I had not tried that so I will try bext time. Also, not sure if different Android versions or manufacturer variants react differently, but I’ll be happy to give it a try.


I know on Monzo, if you tap on a notification, it will open the app and go to the source of the notification! I’m not a dev but it seems to be not a hard action to implement! I was surprised the Starling iOS app does not do that already.