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Starling customer service is getting terrible! Not only don’t they believe their customers but always say ‘looking into this’ or I’ll pass this on, never a RESOLUTION really annoyed, angry and upset with starling! I never normally rant but so annoyed! Best to share!

To sum it up:
I’m fed up of the constant not knowing my their customer service team, yes they respond quick - good point, but if they can’t help what’s the actual point? They always say well look into this, or we will escalate this which isn’t starlings priority clearly! I have told starling the same if this query was with my old legacy bank it would have been sorted on the phone not 3 weeks + and still no resolution apart from saying their not at fault, nice to know you blame it on your customers! Really does make me wonder if there was a bigger issue I would have no chance.


I’m a also a wee bit disappointed, I mentioned today that a merchant logo that was previously broken but then got fixed the same day is back to being broke. All I got was “I’ll pass It on” I’d much rather that the people I speak to have a bit more control than this. At least being able to remove the incorrect logo until the issue is resolved.


Hi @scottgale20 - thank you for your feedback, it’s only through understanding your complaints that we can improve our services. Having looked into your issue with your direct debit being set up, I fully support our customer service teams response. They have reviewed all records of DDs and contacted your merchant provider on your behalf. This is an issue that you will need to address with your provider directly.


Yes. I had an issue the other day when I could not withdraw from any ATM (independent CashZone at a BP garage and NatWest at their bank) so I was in contact with customer service who were polite but firstly they said they would investigate (which fair enough) then they said it was resolved (which OK) but they never explained what caused the problem or how it was resolved despite me asking for that.


To be fair it’s not really up to the CS team to give you a breakdown how a technical issue was resolved. If I report a problem at my place of work to the IT team I just expect it fixed and wouldn’t expect a field report of how the issue was resolved. Maybe I have a different outlook.

In my experience the CS team have been excellent on the few occasions I have had to use them, but again maybe I have just been lucky.


it may not be their default action but when a customer requests it I expect it to happen. I just want to know if Starling sorted a problem or a third party did…without being told how it was resolved they could have just been sitting there keeping their fingers crossed it would naturally resolve with time (I know they did not). Being properly informed about the resolution may assist a customer in knowing what to do if it happens again and may reassure them rather than perhaps have them thinking “I can’t trust Starling’s card at ATMs, I must always carry a spare card”. An informed or educated customer also tends to rate a company higher on customer service than one who receives possible standard replies.


Hello everyone ! :wave:t4:

I’m based in the CS team and I wanted to share a little bit about our ethos when it comes to assisting customers.

Our focus is fair, simple, transparent banking where customers are in full control of their money :moneybag:.

On the CS side, we always seek to find the best resolution for our customers as quickly as we can. We also focus on keeping communication simple and easy to understand. Yes, we’re a FinTech who like to keep things simple :innocent:. If this is coming across as ‘standard’ then it’s disappointing.

@MIROW we are also loyal to our partners and we therefore keep ownership of issues in-house. This means we’re unlikely to point a finger when attempting to find a resolution for our customers.

Anyway, just to confirm we in CS are listening, we care and we’re always working on improving our service.

From my perspective it’s been difficult to see some of the criticism as it’s so far from what I see behind the scenes; despite that we in CS take the feedback as a chance to improve and meet all your justifiably high expectations.

We’re hugely grateful to everyone on here that’s helping us with feedback and ideas. While we can’t always put every idea into implementation, we do take a considered course.


While I respect your opinion (and I reiterate all CS staff I have interacted with are professional and polite) I still personally would rather be told “we identified an issue at a third party due to a fault in their network” or “a provider called GPS were carrying out maintenance work” or “a supplier has resolved the issue but we are discussing with them how it can be prevented in future” is more reassuring than just a “problem solved, issue closed” style of non verbose response.

While I appreciate not all users may wish this info, I personally do, even if it is only on request or if a detailed response has the third party name omitted for privacy reasons.


I would like to see this too. Not a massively detailed explanation, full of tech speak, but an acknowledgement of the fault and a high-level resolution.

I tend to find (only from 2 or 3 to be fair) that when I get the “issue resolved” chat notification from support, they automatically ignore my response of “can you tell me what the issue was/what caused the issue”. It is a little bit infuriating, for what should be a 1 min response, assuming my account notes are kept updated on the system. If a service I’m entrusting to hold my funds has an issue transacting those, then I’d appreciate knowing the reason(s) why. It’s a transparency thing that goes a long way to earning/retaining trust.


@sarah.guha thanks for your response, much appreciated! Hopefully be a lot smoother going forward :clap:


While I think I understand what’s bugging you, we’re engaging Starling to provide our banking services. It would be inappropriate for Starling to point fingers at a partner if the fault was with the partner. And @alexandra’s first sentence to you directly…

… is absolutely the right way to behave. Starling, I am sure, will work with many partners, and alienating your partners when things go wrong isn’t a commercially responsible thing to do.

Besides, we shouldn’t care who’s actually to blame in the event of an outage - from our perspective it’s all Starling’s fault. It’s on that basis that we make a decision whether we bank with them or not. If Starling persist in experiencing unexpected downtime I am sure most of us will take our custom elsewhere. I know I will. Starling just need to ensure their systems work all the time, every time. Whether they’re internal systems, or partner systems, to us it’s the same thing.

Monzo’s approach is different. Given they’re in-housing something that’s currently operated by a partner, they don’t appear to have too many problems pointing fingers at an outgoing incumbent. I don’t agree with that approach, even if it may be factually correct.


it is not just Monzo. if I ask Monese for an explanation they give me one. whereas the replies I get from Starling are as uninformative as any legacy bank


my main issue is not knowing who is to blame but not being told what was wrong and how it was resolved. Just being told OK it is sorted now is not sufficient IMHO


Provided the same issue does not become recurrent and if resolved in a reasonable time period, I can see most will be content.


I think I understand @MIROW’s point. To be given an explanation can help a customer understand what has happened and how their issue has been resolved. It can give them confidence that they’re being looked after. It can give them faith in the company.

Conversely, to be refused an explanation, or stonewalled, is in danger of their losing faith and confidence. Not all customers respond well to “you’re issue has been fixed”.

Whether or not an organisation wishes to provide any background explanation to an issue is ultimately up to them.

(That said, sorry @mirow if I’ve not understood your point)


you have just summed it up more elloquently/succinctly


I think there’s some middle ground here. I understand Starling CS when they don’t want to apportion blame for an incident by finger pointing. However, I agree with mirrow when he says he’d like to know why, even if it’s just brief and not overly complicated, just to set your mind at rest that you can use your card at the ATM at RBS for example.

Customer service are very good, but sometimes ‘we’ll look into that’ sometimes wears a bit thin, but it’s with good intentions.

I’ve had to use customer service a couple of times for very basic things and found them super helpful by the way.


Yes, I think you’re spot on :+1:


Yep, middle ground can be a nice place to visit :grinning:


So far I’ve always had very quick and helpful feedback. I’ve been very impressed.