Customer Service Feedback



Worst support ever…
Asked a simple question about transaction…
Got an answer “we will look into this…” and no any feature information for more than 3 hours now…


Was it Tesco ?


Yes… they charged me twice


Charged me 4 times, three with Starling and 1 Nationwide :see_no_evil:


Sorry to hear that the issue was not dealt with at the first point of contact. We’ll be happy to follow up on this for you. You’ll receive a message via the app shortly.


It’ll reverse within 7 days, if you’ve got a receipt or something showing the transactions send to Starling who might be able release funds quicker.


So, an individual shouldn’t be praised for doing a good job?

Sorry, it doesn’t matter if its ‘expected’, someone doing a difficult job doing it well and leaving a customer happy deserves praise.


I think the point was that it’s only seen to be “doing a good job”, because there have been so many reports of people doing a “bad job”.

Realistically, we can’t praise everyone, all the time, for what is essentially… doing their job.

But until the “bad” posts disappear, I’m all for balancing it out with the good.


I think praising people for “just doing their job” is a good thing. A “thank you” or “well done” can go a long way - it definitely helps to keep people motivated.


@danmullen well said! Everyone’s quick to jump on problems. It’s nice to be nice occasionally!


I agree to a point, but if the OP wants to praise the service, I don’t understand why anyone would object to that…

I think that in the last few months the boards have just been a little bit negative over sometimes really silly things. Kind of like, I log in and wonder what is it we’re annoyed about today?

Customer Service is a funny thing. Sometimes we expect to be treated with such indifference or worse that somebody simply being polite makes a world of difference.



I hope the agent this was aimed at sees the thread and feels good about what they have done.

It’s a tough job, let’s all just be nice to each other.

Also, I believe we have a part to play here. If we show that receiving good CS makes a difference, we’re likely to get more of it. Manners are underrated.


This exactly.

The old adage that how you treat waiters or sales assistants showing who you are as a person. I actually have never had a public facing job, although i do meet them as part of my work, but i know plenty of people who have, and so via them know only too well the soul crushing experience that work can be. If things go well, say so, it will help balance out that time that lady full on screamed at them because they brought their item back WAY after the returns policy allows and had a tantrum when told they couldnt return it. It’s like thanking bus drivers. If they do their job and manage to get us there without killing us, they’re doing their job and no thanks should be required, they’re doing what they’re paid to do. But we thank them anyway, well, most of us do, because its a nice thing to do, it may brighten their day a little.

As long as things don’t go badly, and even then as long as they’re not directly the fault of the person in front of you, i always feel you should do what you can to show your appreciation. It may make someone feel just a little better.


@l8n_me Bang on! It’s about being human and treating other people like you’d like to be treated yourself in their situation.

Your points raised highlight very British values. We thank people for doing things for us, either paid or unpaid. It’s just the way we’re brought up (in the north anyway).


Thanks Oliver.
But I got a message that contactless payment declined without any receipts.
My Starling card has been declined…I used my Monzo card after and it been declined as well… but in Monzo application I clicked on Cancel payment and got my money back instantly.
I finished my purchase with Starling but with chip and pin


It was chaos in the Tesco express earlier, lots of cards declining.


Thanks for your help Joe :slight_smile:


No worries, I’m just gonna wait and see what happens with my transactions.


Sorry about that…
A bit strange… checked chat history today and there was 2 messages from support 10 minutes after my enquiry at 9.19am and 9.27am yesterday…
But I haven’t received those messages yesterday…


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