Customer numbers


Will you share customer numbers in the future?

Number of users

I was just creating a post asking the same thing! It would be interesting to know. I’m going to guess it might not happen while there are fewer customers than Monzo, but there is a difference in the two companies at the moment so it is to be expected.


At the moment, we are focused on the quality of the experience and it’s that we want to be talked about and recommended for. Every piece of feedback is motivating our team of product managers, designers and engineers to continue to deliver a product that our customers want - so it’s what matters most to us right now.


Thank you! And focusing on quality is exactly what I want to hear!


@sarah.guha it’s good to see the focus on quality. On figures though have you seen a spike in new enquiries since Martin Lewis started recommending your card as a travel card? Love him or not he has a lot of people listening to him.


We’ve been thrilled by some of the good reviews we’ve had - it’s all really encouraging.


The volume of people joining now must growing quite quickly, basing this on your twitter account alone. Let’s keep promoting Starling guys.


Will Starling confirm how many active customers they have?


I’ve been wondering this too.


fewer than after they add subaccounts, joint accounts, under-18 accounts and currency accounts :wink: