Custom title/description for scheduled payments


When you have more than a few scheduled payments “RANDOM ASSET MANAGMENT LLP” doesn’t really mean much to me.

The ability to set a user friendly title or description would be nice, even the ability to add some custom notes so I know what that once a year payment is for.

Richard Müller in the Starling Slack also mentioned: “Particularly useful if you want to set up the same payee twice once with one reference and one with another reference”.

I’m not sure if this has already been suggested, I was kinda surprised it wasn’t there already.

Scheduled payments

Hey David,
interesting idea! Would you use it simply to remind yourself what that particular recurring payment is for? How much information would you be looking to add?

FYI: For Direct Debits (where you don’t have any control over the payee name or reference) we are working to improve the names that come through to you - so if you have payments from companies whose names don’t match what you know them as feel free to let CS know and we will look into those to update!


I think this is a great idea. It’d be nice to have more meaningful things I can see in my feed. For example my phone contract. At the moment will show as something like “Hutchinson Three” - I’d much rather just have this show as “Phone Contract” in my feed and then maybe when I tap on that in my feed I can see the actual name of the company.

I know this isn’t ideal for all DDs but for some it would be really handy.


I’d also be a fan of this idea. Kind of annoying to see things like this in the Scheduled Payments list.


It would be nice if you could set a description for each so, instead, you’d get something like:

  • PayPal
  • O2 (Handset)
  • O2 (Minutes / Data)

It’s not a big change, but it would be a nice to give those that want to set a description/alias the option to.


Definitely see your point!
We should be able to change the merchants to “PayPal” and “O2” though (as a first step) - so definitely feel free to message customer service with these requests