Custom Order Goals


Everytime the app updates the goals re order themselves, which is quite annoying. I like to keep my most important goals at the top and when this happens they get moved too far down the list. It would be very useful for the goals to be reordered as at present the only way to reorder them is to delete them all and re add them. Which is not ideal.
Can we have the ability to reorder goals please?


I had this problem too and it really, really frustrated me.
Workaround is to put numbers at the beginning… ie

  1. Goal number one
  2. Goal number two, etc

It puts things in alphanumerical order so this works.
Not ideal though and I’d also really like to choose the order my goals are displayed in without having to fudge it like this.


I tried that too. But goal 10 (yes i have that many :smile:) moved to the top and if this was deleted goal 9 went to the top. Frustrating!


Then use numbering like 01, 02, 03 etc. That’ll work. But is even more cumbersome.


Yes tried that. Mine seem to be in alpha order, but renaming them like that doesn’t change the order. Hmmm :thinking:


Yup I want this as well. Currently my goals have “(A) …” at the start of the goals I want at the top! :unamused:


Yes - it used to order them alphanumerically, but I just tried adding goals this week and they are just added at the bottom - even if the naming should mean they go at the top. I am on Android. Is anyone else seeing this?


Yes I see this as well. I don’t mind which order as long as they remain sorted and new ones are placed in the correct place. I also find when the app updates the order fails and they ‘do what they like’. Not the end of the world but I like to have certain goals in a certain order (blame my OCD!)


Same. On Android too!


I have found the reinstalling the app (or clearing app data and cache which is pretty much the same thing I believe) results in the goals being resorted alphanumerically, which is something at least.


We’d like to add this, I’ve never had more than 6 goals though so the use case for me is limited. How many Goals have you each got set up? What do you want to order by? Priority to you, or date to achieve the Goal? We could give you maximum flexibility but I am just interested!


I’ve got twelve goals, and would like to apply a custom order i.e., to manually say, this is my priority goal therefore I’ll put it at the top of the list; that one is low priority or doesn’t need frequent access so, I’ll put it at the bottom of the list.

Alphanumerical order could be hacked to do this with prefixes, but it’s untidy IMO and fiddly if wanting to move things around later.


Choice between alphanumerical by title, date (not of creation but a target date you set in your goal of when you want to reach it by), and amount (choice of target amount and current amount).


Long press and drag to reorder would be good like on Google tasks.


Yes - default to alphabetical but allow drag to reorder.


agreed about being able to reorder goals - I have only three or four but I like to have them in order of personal priority (i.e., user-defined) for me, rather than having them in the order I added them originally


I’ve got about 10 goals.
I’d like to be able to drag them up and down to sequence them, and then for them to stay in that order. Any new ones I add should go to a consistent spot, eg the bottom, until I move them.


Oh, one extra thing - the fact that goals show up as a photo of my choosing is a really lovely feature, thanks for that, so please don’t stick any nasty up or down arrows, or drag bars on top of the photos. I think someone else suggested press & hold to be able to move them. That’d be just perfect.


I currently have 8 goals (can see me maybe adding a couple more). But the way each is used does vary:

  • Some are for saving up for a specific item, adding money to it when possible, until the “Target” is met.
  • Some are to keep separate various amounts of money I’ve been given which are meant to go towards specific “areas”, e.g. money from parents for “House Improvements” or money received as a “Wedding Gift” or for my “Birthday”.
  • Others are more regularly used, e.g. regularly adding an amount to my “Bills” pot, or slowly building up a balance to pay off a credit card, a regular scheduled amount into a “Savings” pot etc.

Because goals are so flexible in their nature and are used for so many different things, having them sorted alphabetically doesn’t make any sense to me. I’d like to position my regularly used goals at the top and push to the bottom the ones I don’t need to worry about.

It sounds like most people have about 10 goals. Alphabetically ordering 10 items doesn’t really add any benefits IMHO. So how about just letting us choose our own order? Even if someone did want to have their goals in alphabetical order, they can just manually put them in this order, as the creation/deletion rate of goals should be relatively low.


Noticed my goals have reordered in alphabetical order since updating to the latest version. They’ve done that before. Still no drag to reorder though :smirk: