Custom Name on Card


I’m absolutely in love with my Starling account but really wish I could change the name printed on my card. I’m trans and don’t go by the name printed on my card (not even my mother calls me that anymore!).

Monzo allows users to enter a custom name to be displayed on their card and other traditional banks allow similar.

Even being able to only have my first name’s initials printed would be great.

Name as appears when sending money

Good suggestion but I have to ask in general does anyone ever look at the name on a debit/credit card anymore? I know that it can be used to guarantee cheques but since starling don’t issue them what’s it used for? Look at monzo’s prepaid. It had no name at all.


Have you contacted CS in-app to ask? This would be the best way forward.

I would be surprised if Starling were unable to do this for you.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:


I asked a few months ago and just went back and confirmed. It’s a fully automated process and they can’t control which name is printed.


Hmm… That is surprising and disappointing. :frowning:


No they can’t guarantee cheques. The Cheque Card Guarantee Scheme has been abolished. No cheque cards are now issued or valid in the UK


Only for car hire or for foreign hotel bookings


If you’ve changed your name by deed poll, then they should be able to change the names on the card. If you have e any problems let me know and I’ll point you at the laws :slight_smile: (chair a trans campaign group)


Unfortunately I’m not able to change my name through deed poll since I’m not a British national :frowning:

It’d complicate things with my visa, which is why I wish I could truncate the name on my card (or change it all together).


Well seeing it’s been more than 20 years since I’ve dealt with taking cheques when I worked in retail :grinning:


Hi @htw - thanks for your feedback, we have talked about providing your the option to choose the name that appears on your card and this is certainly something we would like to have in the future. I will make sure it on our product backlog to explore.

Currently our system provides your first and last name to our processors to print on your card and so our CS team is correct that the process is currently automated and our CS agents wouldn’t have the access yet to make any changes.

I’m happy to discuss this with our engineering team and see if there is anything we can do in this case until we have the functionality available. I’ll come back to you.



It is technically possible as I have seen this before.
The way it is done is the Deed Poll stiplutates your existing name is YYY and goes on to say that you wish from this day forth to be known in the United Kingdom as XXX and “will use that name henceforth save for in the territory of country ZZZ where you will be known by the name YYY”.
The Deed Poll can also allow for foreign character sets too.
You state your name is, this is just an imaginary example with a made up name, Ана Вапрол (Ana Vaprol) - so they see your name in both fonts.
And if you are called by friends something different to your real name you state "also known as"
e.g. Brian Philip Waghorn also known as Philip Waghorn
Yelena Smith also known as Lena Smith

Good luck finding a decent solicitor who can help you. But the ones I have seen were accepted by UK authorities when granting a ILR to a non-UK national.


Sad that such a modern company isn’t totally LGBTQIA friendly from the start… hopefully this can be fixed quickly and is just an oversight.


We want to be as inclusive as possible, and we will be making changes to make sure we are :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah

I’ve tried to raise this as an issue as well as all of your main competitors offer the option to use your ‘preferred’ name. I have spoken with a Starling Bank agent too who said you did hold a list of allowed shortened names - mine wasn’t on it , but it seems crazy in 2018 that an organisation so forward looking as Starling can’t cope with preferred names or shortened names.



Rich, can you elaborate on your experience with this and the list of allowed names? I’ve tried speaking to Starling about changing my account name to a short name, but I’m not getting anywhere.


Hi Sam

Thanks for your reply. In short I am not getting very far either! In my first call I was told to raise a topic on the community, which I duly did by sending an email, although I could never see a topic raised. When I had to call them to speak about another issue I was told to raise it as a topic again - which I tried to do. However, on this occasion the agent advised me that there was a list of ‘approved’ shortened or accepted names and maybe ‘Rich’ would be allowed onto this list if I raised a topic. However were another month on and I have heard nothing. It shocks me as such a great up and coming bank isn’t able to replicate the ‘preferred name’ options that all of it’s rivals have in place. Starling is the only bank card I have where in my case Richard is used - when I am never called Richard! I am none the wiser about how I get Starling to add Rich to the list the agent mentioned.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards



Thanks for your reply Rich. I mentioned the list of names to customer services, but they didn’t acknowledge it - I’ve linked them to your post.

At first I was told by Starling that it would be fine to change to a short name, then a few days later I was told to provide legal documents showing the ‘new’ name. I’ve gone round in circles trying to explain that I just want to use a short name, but Starling don’t seem to be able to cope with that.

It wasn’t really an issue to me before, but now the settle up feature is apparently permanently linked to my name, I want to change it.

I’m just amazed that it’s this difficult, to be honest. I’m considering closing my account and applying again with my short name, but then I’d be worried they wouldn’t accept my short name and I’d be back to square one.


Thanks for raising this with us, and sorry for any confusion here. When someone applies with a shortened name, we are happy to accept it when it matches the ID they have submitted.

There are some cases where we would change a name if there are too many characters for it to fit on the card.

We appreciate your feedback on this and can see that you have contacted CS directly.

In the future, we would like to allow customisation of card names.


Thanks for your reply Hannah, that makes more sense now.

I’d suggest making it clear during the sign up process that you can use a short name if you want - I don’t remember seeing any indication of that at all. When I signed up with Monzo, they clearly asked if I wanted to use a preferred name for my account and card, which I did.