Custom Dates for Statements



So basically, I’d like to be able to custom date my statements.

For example, I get paid on the last Friday of every month - I’d like to be able to start a new date range from that friday and have it last till the last Friday of the next month.

Either to be able to select the dates myself, or to have the options such as “2 weeks”, “one month”, “Last Friday > Last Friday” etc etc.

To me it is more interesting to see how each paypacket has been spent, and for example looking at September for this months spending, doesnt show the real picture - as I paid a lot of my bills as soon as I got paid (25th of August).

I appreciate that when I start to save up some cash, it won’t matter as much - but for people trying to save up initial savings, or those whose money is so tight that every penny matters during the month - it would be a very useful feature.

Anyhow, love the app. Great work!


Thanks for the suggestion - we’re well aware that payment dates vary between different employer, as well as alternative incomes and I believe that this is something we’ll work into our app. I’ve put your idea through to the team about custom statements! :smiley:


I never saw this thread, but it was brought to my attention after I posted similar.


Hey guys!

I just realised that after a few business trips abroad, in Spain, Germany, Italy and Sweden (where the card worked MARVELOUSLY), my company’s exchange rate made me lose about a couple hundred pounds. To avoid this, I sent them my Statements, but I would like to know if there would a possibility to create these PDF files from day A til day B. This way, besides Concuring all bills I could give in a statement of my card, therefore I wouldn’t be losing any more money.
Is something like that in the making? I can do it with the only other Credit Card I have (which I use explicitly for booking Flights (since it gives me Avios Points :smiley:).

Thanks a lot!




Hi Seb

Your idea is already in play :grinning:. Take a look here Custom Dates for Statements