Custom categories


The ability to edit the category a spend has been assigned to is great but it would be even better if we could create our own categories and have the option to re-assign past spends to this category or only future spends. One example would be being able to separate eating out and buying drinks out, perhaps then being able to add both of those under an umbrella of entertainment. Another example is spending for business and personal spending, being able to tag spending as business related but also categorise the spending within that would be helpful for completing expenses etc. In addition being able to edit or tag spending directly from the notification pop up - so tap the notification, it takes you directly to that spend and you can edit the category or tag it as a business expense…

Create ones own categories

Yes I would agree on this too. Drinking and eating out are two massively different things and to see how much my balance dwindles away on pints after work (no regrets) would be handy. Custom categories is a good idea but whether it’s for everyone that’s up for debate really.


Another thing would be that the app remembers the category assigned to it. Revolut doesn’t do this either, but if I remember correctly the Hot Coral does…

I.E, I changed a category from ‘Eating Out’ to ‘Entertainment’ - because I wasn’t eating out. It would be great that this category is remembered for future transactions at the same retailer


As I mentioned on one of the other threads, we are considering custom tags, but I can’t give a time frame for it. We have remembering the category change coming much sooner.

In the meantime, I’d like to update the list of categories in the app, so am I right in saying your suggestion would be to create a new category for drinking etc that is separate from ‘Eating Out’ and Entertainment, for example ‘Social’?

Any other categories you’d like us to add for everyone. I’m hoping to gather the suggestions from the community and then run a poll to pick the top 3 or 4.


Ben, thanks - yes a separate category for drinking out would be great, equally it would be awesome if we could have a top level category split for business/personal so that those of us that have expenses could tag them but still categorise them as per eating out, travel etc. underneath those two top levels?

This could then be used within the export statement feature - you could either show/hide categories or create a limited statement style report only showing business or personal transactions to allow easy claiming of expenses.


Seconding (or thirding?) a drinking catagory. Alcohol consumption is something specifically I would like to keep on top of - it is much easier to budget when I have a rough idea how much I spend “socialising”.


2 Suggestions for categories I’d like are:
Fitness (instead of general ‘Lifestyle’) for things like Gym membership, classes etc.
Cash Withdrawal - at the moment taking cash out of the cash machine seems to be listed as ‘Payment’.


Same to all of these


I’m really hoping that either Starling or Monzo are going to get into a position to replace my YNAB subscription. Custom categories are they easy win. Integrating multiple accounts/joint accounts elsewhere is the big hurdle though.


@ben.chisell Hi ben, what’s the intended difference between Lifestyle and Shopping categories?


We intended for Lifestyle to be used for things like gym membership, a trip to the barbers/hairdressers, etc, while shopping is a more standard trip to the high st, etc.


How about 'Savings’
I have a mixture of standing orders and direct debits and they get categorized as either payments or ‘general’


Social sounds good (if Drinking is too specific).

A category I’d love is one that encompasses toiletries and hygiene products (face wash, toothpaste etc.); it’d be great to easily track how much I’m spending on just those things. I’m not sure if that would be a different category to something like Beauty for people who wear makeup and things like that. I’m not sure Lifestyle covers hygiene products very well.

Finally, a category for Cash—money we get out of an ATM—would be useful, if there’s no way to categorise specific values of each cash transaction (e.g. £1.70 on transport; £3.50 on a jacket potato), which would be my preference. I’m not sure Payments cuts it as a category for ATM transactions because we might want to categorise payments to friends and family separately.


I think moving to a tagging approach is the best and most flexible going forward. That way you could add combinations to really narrow things down, like “Business, Eating Out”.


Erm - but how would Starling be able to work out what you spent on toothpaste, facewash etc. out of the rest of a general ‘supermarket’ groceries shopping spree?

I’m pretty sure all they can tell is where you bought stuff - not specifically what you actually bought.

So, they can categorise by shop - but that’ll be it. So anything in Tesco/Sainsburys etc would be ‘Groceries’. Anything in Boots/Superdrug ‘Shopping’ but unless you only buy all your toiletries etc. only from Boots and didn’t buy anything else in there they wouldn’t be able to show you it that much in detail. And if you did that, then you could just use the merchant view to see how much you actually spent in there?


The only real way to implement something like that would be to enable ‘splitting’ transactions. So, for example, you could go in and say in this transaction £14 was toiletries, £10 etc. However, I’m not convinced there is any benefit to such micro-breakdowns and I doubt most people would put the effort in to manage it.


The Yorkshire/Clydesdale Bank B app has this (tagging). You can tag transactions to any of their pre defined categories or add your own custom categories.

You can set it as a one time tag or have it so that it remembers and whenever you use your card at a particular merchant in the future it automatically gets tagged with the tag you previously picked.


This is exactly what I’d like to see - and just to add to that, the custom tag should form a field in the .csv export too


Just adding my support that I would like to be able to split out money spent on eating out (grabbing lunch etc.) vs. post-work drinks as different categories.


I’d suggest that Health would be a useful addition to the categories available.