Current account switching on Android


Hi there, apologies if there is an answer for this already; I did look but I couldn’t find it.

Is there a target date for the current account switching service becoming available in the Android app? I know that it is being worked on but it would be good to know if we are looking at hours, days or weeks.

Many thanks.


Been with Starling for 2 months now still waiting for this to happen. I’ve got 2 banks now. But Starling is my Main one now but would still like to finish with a switch.


Yes indeed. I’m an iOS member and am thoroughly enjoying the experience having switched. It would be useful to know what’s preventing the Android switch.

Aren’t we in danger of Android users being poached by competitors?


An update on switching on Android – we have been implementing the experience for a full switch in app and are now testing the integration before a public release. We are working towards making it available as soon as possible for you guys so we soon as we’re happy it’s passed our tests it will be available, so please hang on in there :slight_smile:


Thanks Sarah. I’m a new account holder so this may or may not be a daft question, but is there no web-based way of doing it in the meantime or do I just sit tight?



Hi @OliverHaslam - firstly we’re pleased you want to switch :blush:

We don’t currently have a web interface to initiate and manage a switch. We’re focused on making services available on mobile and don’t yet have a need for a customer web interface. We are also committed to using technology to provide the services which traditionally banks might do as a manual process - this means we have less overheads and we can pass those benefits on to you. So whilst traditional banks might have a team of people managing switches manually and processing them through web interfaces into the Current Account Switch Service, we automate the whole thing. You will be the first to know when we release switching on Android, we’re counting down the days…


Any news on this ?


Next week :crossed_fingers:


Still on track for this week? @sarah.guha


Switching wasn’t in the release today, but will be available in the next release being prepped.


Is that Lilley to be next week?


Honestly, yes it will be as we would like to avoid releasing on a Friday. Early next week I promise.


Good to know, but a little curious about why you feel the need to avoid Friday releases? Is it a potential customer service demand issue?

I personally would rather get the updates ASAP regardless of the day.


Probably also incase of problems with new release in the field. Its going to be easier to rollback or hotfix when developers are in, than over the weekend


One more sleep :sleeping:


You’ve probably seen by now, but we launched this earlier today! :blush:


I just switched! No more Nationwide, slow balance updates and poor online/app experience and Hello Starling! :smiley:


I’d move right now, but rent and direct debits finish for month on 5th, so will wait till then, to be safe :slight_smile:


Switch date is 14th :slight_smile:


it’s 9th for me :slight_smile: