Current account switch service


Is there any way to prevent the duplicate direct debits you always get when you switch?

I’ve switched banks a few times (I’m a bit of a serial switcher at the moment) and every time I do, I end up with duplicate direct debits. I think it’s where the switch request/notification is sent to a company (that you have a direct debit with) and instead of transferring the old one over, they create a new one. Then the bank also transfers the old one over. Meaning you have two.

I’m always scared to delete for a while, just in case I delete the active one - with some that are rarely used you have them stuck there for months (credit cards for example - I always pay them off each month but have DDs set up as a back-up so the direct debit is only used on a month where I forget or decide not to fully pay it off)

I just did the full switch to Starling and now I’m sure I’m going to end up with 3 of the same direct debit on some (I didn’t get round to cancelling duplicates last time I switched!) Not knowing which is the active one, unless I phone up each company and as for the references (which sometimes they can’t actually get hold of as easily as you’d imagine)!


Hi @Pipefish - I’m not sure how far through your switch you are, but it sounds like you are predicting to have duplicates…rather than you have them already? When you choose to transfer we so set up new mandates for direct debits or standing orders and the ones are your old bank are cancelled - and if its a full switch a redirection service is set up.

When your payments move over we do receive the last payment date, so if you reach out to our CS team we should be able to settle your nerves about which mandates to cancel if you already have duplicates at your old bank.

If you are completing a partial switch, a redirection from your old bank won’t be set up as the switch service doesn’t yet support this. We won’t know if you merchant has updated their details until we receive a request for payments and so we would recommend you reach out to the merchant to double check they have updated their records to your Starling Bank details (just in case).


Hi - this wasn’t a moan at Starling, just wondering if this could be automated somehow. Yes, it is more of a prediction. I’m halfway through the switch at the moment. I’ve (full) switched 3 times in 4 years and it’s happened every time.

Like maybe - a week after the switch is completed and everything is settled, the system checks the duplicates and the ones that flag up as inactive (based on the last payment information?) are automatically deleted? No idea if this is possible but if it is it would be good.

To be clear - I meant duplicates at the new bank, in the past I’ve always ended up with two of the same direct debit at the new bank.


We do provide you the ability to cancel a Direct Debit in app, but I am going to give the CS team a heads up and see if we can make this as smooth for you as possible for you if you need assistance.

Whether we can automate the deletion of dormant mandates is slightly trickier… the way that DD’s work is that they are set up and the merchant can choose to request money whenever they need to, so even though a mandate has not been billed for some time (based on the last billed date), Starling wouldn’t be able to know if you mean for that mandate to be active or not as there wasn’t a set frequency assigned to it.

Automated cancellation of dormant mandates on our side would mean setting rules; but it would be very hard for us to apply rules (based on dormancy for example) that would apply consistently for all direct debit originators, let alone each customer’s needs. The only way we can be sure you want it cancelled is for you to do this action yourself. Our mission though is make that as easy as possible for you.

Essentially the problem with duplicate direct debit mandates doesn’t lie with the bank, it sits with the merchants. When you choose to edit a mandate with a merchant, like a phone provider, they sometimes create a new mandate rather than updating the original one. And, if you cancel it they don’t always get deleted, they just aren’t used for billing any longer.


I see what you mean - there’s no way of knowing whether I have two accounts with the same company, each with individual direct debits and there aren’t actually meant to be two.