Current account switch scheme restrictions



I’m looking to put some money into my account soon, but would like to give Starling a good go and try out a few things before committing completely.

I’m just not sure if I’d be able to use the switch after I put money in or if it had to be done to an empty account or within a certain time frame? Ideally I’d like to use the switch scheme to save me having to resetup direct debits etc


I’m pretty sure you can use CASS at any time

I had been using my Starling account for a number of months before switching


Thanks - that’s great :smiley:

Just wanted to be sure otherwise I’d be creating quite a bit of head work switching everything manually :confused:


Hey @Parker you’re good to use the CASS! :smile:


Hi @Parker,

Just to echo a few of the other comments, I can confirm you can use the CASS at any time.

I transferred some money to Starling and used it as a bit of a savings account for the first few months. I then started spending and doing a couple of bank transfers. At the beginning of May (after about six months) I switched all my banking to Starling. I ended up doing it manually as I had a bit of an issue with the partial switch.

Everything’s gone swimmingly so far - had my salary paid in on 31st May, had almost all of it taken out again on 1st via many Direct Debits and Standing Orders :sob: