CSV Formatting



I was wondering if it’s possible to add more CSV options to the statement downloads. Until accounting platforms like Xero and others get feeds to Starling for Business setup I am downloading my statement and importing it into Xero.

The issue I run into is that the CSV layout is different from the Xero template (and I assume that for other accounting packages to)

It would make a good stop gap measure until feeds come along if you could provide the option to download a compatable CSV. So for example when I select Export CSV it could say, What format would you like:

  1. Xero
  2. Sage One
  3. Cashflow
  4. Freeagent

I am sure there are more out there and a Poll would probably tell you the most popular. Below is an example of Xero vs Starling CSV format


Or if it could be possible to export in an open financial standard such as OFX, then this would work with all accounting software and you wouldn’t need to create different formats for each one.