CS chat window & auto-correction / wrapping of text


Just a small thing, but one that ALWAYS catches me out.

In virtually every other app I use, auto-correction is implemented, and uses the “best guess” of a word if I’ve mis-typed something (happens to me A LOT on small mobile keyboards)

e.g. accidentally typing “hellu” in Facebook or WhatsApp auto-corrects to “hello”.

In Starlings chat window, it doesn’t do this (for whatever reason), and added to the fact that the text is on a single, non-wrapping, line of text, I find lots of typos creep in, and can result in total gibberish being sent to CS. You find yourself having to scroll horizontally backwards to see if what you’ve typed is correct before sending it.

So my suggestions are:

  1. Have a multi-line, wrapping text area to type in
  2. Enable auto-correction of text (or figure out why it’s not working)

Note: I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but I’m pretty sure it used to be exactly the same on my Blackberry DTEK 60.


Interestingly on iOS when you type in the text box it expands for a new line and it highlights spelling mistakes.

I’d imagine the highlight of spelling is an OS feature.


Hi Dave, thanks so much for the great feedback, I’ve passed it on the team! (I also love how Whatsapp corrects typos although I’ve definitely had some questionable corrections over the years… )