CS chat in iOS - positioning


Just had a quick interaction with CS and there is a unique code at the bottom of the get in touch screen that says you may need this when getting in touch.

Now I’m not sure on process but if I had a chat open and they asked me for it, I couldn’t give it to them because the chat box covers the first 3 numbers.

I’ve attached a screenshot and where I’ve scribbled the red box is where the purple CS box appears.

It may never be required in the app because I’ve logged in - I’m assuming it’s mainly for calls but thought I’d flag just in case.

Ps on a separate note, the quick interaction with Sam from CS was quick, friendly and easy. :+1:


Hey @Rijack!

The code is used for when you call in and have access to your device. It is one of the methods we have that can be used in our security process to identify you. If you chat with us through the app then we won’t need to ask for any personal details :slightly_smiling_face:


Plus, did you know you can drag the little purple chat icon around the screen? So you can easily move it if it is in the way of something important.


This looks nice, is the android page going to look like this eventually?


trying out email reply

Thanks, that makes sense. I thought that might have been the case but thought flag it just in case!

On a separate note I like that feature instead of having the password that you set 5 years ago which you never use and get asked for one random sunny evening in July…


Ohhh I didn’t know that! I thought that would be useful but never thought to try it!


There also isn’t a way of viewing previous chat logs while in a new chat window. Sometimes its useful to refer back.


If you actually use Starling Bank you’ll not be forgetting that password in a hurry; it gets asked for far too often as many here will attest! :wink:


This is actually what the old page looks like. It’s updated on Android but iOS is 1 release behind when it comes to the FAQ’s and CS section


Shame, I like that.