Crypto Currency Partners in Starling Marketplace


Any plans to delve into crypto?

In my opinion given the current exchange fees there is a gap in the market. Maybe a marketplace offering?

Just curious more than anything. :slight_smile:


Hi Mark
Cryptocurrency is definitely something that interesting, most likely as an offering in the Starling Marketplace, so you could for example link your Starling account to your Coinbase account using our API. There’s quite a few regulatory issues around it so it’s not something we have in our roadmap for now but potentially something that we can think about adding to the Marketplace at some point in the future! :grin:
Would be great to know what you all think about cryptocurrencies, how you use them and how you think they might fit in generally with Starling and the Marketplace?


Integration with Coinbase would definitely be a massive plus.

For the time being though, please make SEPA payments happen! Currently I can’t withdraw money from Coinbase because Starling does not allow outgoing payments via SEPA (yet).


With that in mind do we have a definitive alternative means of withdrawing money from Coinbase without incurring massive charges

I painfully set up a multi account with transfer wise to find out that it will not do buisness with Coinbase

Somewhat frustrating


Coinbase (Euro) -> Revolut (Euro). Cost 0.15cents per SEPA transfer, did two decent sized transfers Wednesday morning arrived Thursday morning. Other way under 2 hours.


Sounds ideal

Now in the process of opening a Revolut account following what you have said

Thank you


And Revolut are partnering with Coinbase I believe to offer BTC and LTC in app switching just as if switching from Pound to Dollar or Euro, supposed to be launched soon

(this is not an ad for Revolut by the way, Starling and Revolut offering different things, I use both)


I use Starling as my main bank but unfortunately had to find an alternative route for Coin Base due to the transfer issues

Thank you for your information it has been well appreciated


Gibralta is trying to develop Coin the Japanese based exchange ICOs to realize what it describes as “a new era of funding”. There was a short report today (Wednesday Tokoyo time) on NHK World v news at 11.00hrs UK time. There was also a comment that the whole issue of crypto currency gives rise to many concerns for exchange and currency authorities, one of them being the lack of investor protection another, even more general one is the link between them and criminality, money laundering. A number of regulators have said they will force regulation on this form of ‘currency’ including The Bank of England. Interestingly Japan seems quite open minded which, I think is surprising given that the recent hack of Coin Base was the most significant theft yet! Someone said these ‘currencies’ are a ponsy scheme I agree. About the only good thing to be said for them in my view is they are not, so far as I know, the brainchild of George Osbourne.