Crunch accounting integration



I recently opened a business account & I’m really enjoying the absence of fees after closing my Barclays business account, but I am missing the smart integration with my online accountant, Crunch.

Are there any plans to enable integration?


Oh & I’m sure this has been mentioned before but it would be great if the business account card was a different colour… using in apple pay is confusing!


It’s on its way… at least it’s meant to be. It’s gone very quiet lately that i’m starting to wonder what the issue is…


hey @Richard_Mitchell we’re currently working on integrating with a number of different accounting softwares for the business accounts, will get in touch with Crunch and see if they are interested in using our APIs!


Hi @Cecilia_Highley like @Richard_Mitchell I am also a Crunch Accounting customer and would like to add my vote for statement integration/api access. Starling statements do not upload to Crunch without manual adjustment in Excel at the moment. Many thanks.


Are you able to say which accountancy firms you are in touch with? Just so we know if we need to give others that we may be using a gentle reminder?

Particularly interested in QuickBooks personally and their Twitter team basically said they might look into it but don’t hold your breath!


@Bmacrow - I don’t know anymore than you in this scenario, except there’s another thread with a discussion including QuickBooks: Account Package Integration (Xero, QuickBooks, QuickFile, etc)

All I can tell you, is QuickFile is working on it, but that’s the only one I’m aware of.


We wouldn’t be able to provide further insight at this point but we hope to announce more once it nears completion. Feel free to check in but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we are able to.