Credit checks on new applicants


i certainly don’t and like the balance of criticism and support.


Not defending anyone, nor have I read the rest of the thread from here, but I don’t think it’s wrong for someone to be finding and pointing out problems, however minor. Many a business, including many I have founded, would kill for such an involved audience.

Starling do a pretty good job; I disagree with a number of areas and would like to see a number of areas developed, but they’re already ahead of many banks who have been around 100+ years in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect or that anyone should be particularly thankful for the existence of a Bank.

I’ve seen a few cases where customers would like more technical details than Starling is willing to provide, and that’s fine. I’m interested in banking and Fintech in general, and I love the ‘deep-dive’ explorations that Starling tend to avoid. But that’s Starling, I’m free to leave; I haven’t and I’ve recommended my parents as they don’t care about such things.

As for a bank not owing anyone anything, that’s all fine and well, but banks are in the business of making money. They can be the nicest people in the world, but they will find a way to profit from you. You have every right to expect reasonable service and to challenge your bank on issues you care about.

Starling is a business, it’s nice they include us in some decisions, but they can and will do what they can to make money and not everyone will agree with the decisions made to do this. They are not your best friend, they don’t provide anything free, and they should not be let off the hook for being ‘nice’.