Credit checks on new applicants


Interesting answer in the new FAQ regarding what credit checks are carried out:

Basically, confirmation that Starling do credit check new applicants and may reject them based on the results of that check. This goes against what has been said previously that credit checks are purely for the purposes of offering an overdraft. “Adverse financial behaviour” is a bit vague…


It’s nothing more than they have said before, just more direct.

They won’t explain anymore about ‘Adverse financial behaviour’ that will be based on the information they gain from all sources.

I think people should just get over the fact that Starling like every other bank does a check.


I’m fine with them doing whatever checks they deem necessary. However, unless I’m grossly mistaken I thought the official line has always been that the credit check is only carried out for the purposes of offering an overdraft?


Seems like you’re being nit-picky :joy:

And this one has nothing to do with being “interested in app development”!


I’ve seen at least 3 different Starling staff say they carry out Credit Checks on this forum alone.

Just a couple of examples where Starling have clearly stated they carry out a credit check on everyone.


@jesper, you clearly have a problem with me so how about just ignoring my posts? Less hassle all round.


For balance, here’s one from @sarah.guha that states the opposite @daedal

Starling on the Martin Lewis Money Show Live


Where does she state the opposite, you are seeing something that really isn’t there. Sarah clearly states they do a soft credit check on everyone. She clearly states the words credit check.


Not at all. Nothing personal, but you do seem to try and pick at Starling for various reasons. Trawling their FAQs and pointing out perceived inconsistencies would seem to prove that point.

I tend to think they’re doing a pretty decent job all-in, so I think it would be nice to see some support for them rather than just sniping at them, which a LOT of your posts do. Questioning testing methods/results and credit checking methods is just simply not your place to do imho, so I am as free to voice that opinion as you are.

We are customers of a bank. They provide that service without charge and calling them out every few hours for the most trivial of things just seems petty. Beyond keeping your monies safe, they don’t owe you anything - you seem to think you’re owed an explanation for every change they make, or update they push. You’re not, not any more than the rest of us.


When you open an account we also do a soft credit check (or Quotation search) to determine whether we can offer you an overdraft.

I’m not sure how much clearer you can get than that. Credit check for overdraft purposes, nothing to do with account opening.


I don’t “trawl their FAQs”, I read the new ones as they are published. If I wish to comment or question anything, I do.

I also think they’re doing a fantastic job, otherwise I wouldn’t have moved all my banking here. If you read through my posts you’ll find a variety of content - support, criticism, questions, answers, etc. Who are you to suggest what is and isn’t “my place” to post about?

I don’t think I’m owed an explanation or anything else from Starling. This is a forum board that they provide and, unless they intended it to be one big love-in where no-one questions or criticises, then I don’t think Starling have a problem with any of my posts. If they do, I’d be happy to discuss it via private message with a staff member and I’ll adjust my posts accordingly. Until that happens, I shall continue to post whatever I see fit whenever I like.

I shall avoid any further discussion on this as I very much doubt other forum users want to read it.


The trouble is that people have fallen so hard for the parlour trick marketing bull that some other players very successfully pull off involving using the word transparent at least 30 times in all comms and telling us things non stop for the sake of it which we don’t need to know, businesses in this arena are at risk of being unable to just get on with doing what they need to anymore, asking and receiving input from us when they actually need it. Every minute detail has to be presented to us these days for our approval.

It’s entirely my fault, not mine personally lol, but the horrific way comms and marketing wider has moved to this pretence of interactivity being the most important tool, when really its rarely that but just a way to bullsh!t consumers into loyalty. Look at BBC radio; the DJs are paid salaries of 250k, airtime runs to tens of thousands per hour, and every thirty seconds they’re “Tell us what you think: 81199 is the text number Have you got a story to tell? Call us and get on air!” Errr… no, i’m paying for this nonsense through my licence fee, YOU create the content for ME, don’t expect me to create the content i’m paying you to create. The same now how every other show ends up with social media content. When the show’s got a 500k an episode budget don’t start putting in Kylie Jenner’s latest instagram vid youve stolen, make your own content. But it’s all to pretend that they’re aligned to the end user to create a pretence of interactivity and gain consumer loyalty.

When they want our input and advice they should, and should be able to ask for it. But as i said before, this isn’t Monzo, we’re not shareholders, so they owe us no explanations for anything. If we don’t like it we’re free to take our business elsewhere. They share far more than they need to anyway for which i am very thankful, but at the end of the day what else is entirely up to them. If they think it will be helpful to get our input great, if not that’s great too.

I’m actually starting to feel really quite proud to be a Starling customer, i can see great things starting to happen here, of all the players in the race i think Starling could be the Tortoise, and we all know who won that race…


Absolutey nailed-on!


Nick Grimshaw gets paid 400K and is always complaining about having to get up at 5am :thinking::joy:

On the credit check issue as a bank they have to check so I have no issue with that. I don’t get the impression they are very strict anyway.


That station is THE WORST. Before the shockingly poor Grimshaw there was Moyles; on the same sort of money, was off work through holiday or sickness more than he was actually there, made the beeb pay for the show through an indie production deal on top of paying him as host, took another load of money through ownership of all the show idents/music, and spent all his time complaining how hard done by he was and how glad he was to leave!


Very nice rant. Agree with it all. I don’t watch TV anymore. Apart from dramas on things like Netflix or (ahem) Plex.

Shows these days just consist of reading out other people’s social media. Even BBC News and BBC Sport do it.


I’ve a distinct feeling that we’re all a lot closer on the subject than at first appears.

Your point taken @danmullen, no one will ever be able to accuse you of bring a poster boy :grinning:.
I suspect if you were to dust off the family motto is says something like “Tell it like it is” :grinning:.

Strikes me, the forum has a very well-defined regular core, growing all the time, which pretty much covers all bases:
(a) those who find nothing to be positive about
(b) a large middle, prepared to praise and properly challenge alike and
© those who regard Starling as the perfect banking solution

(a) I find boring (sorry)
(b) the lifeblood for the developers - without that feedback they’re high & dry
© you know who you are :grin:

Have I missed anyone? :thinking:


Forgot to mention they only do a four day week now as well because Friday is classed as the weekend :ok_hand::joy:

The only one who seems to be professional and turn up often is Clara Amfo. Yes I listen to radio 1 too much :grimacing:


She was very rude to me at The Hospital Club a while back and i’ve never forgotten it. She is now on The List. :joy::joy::joy:


Not sure if things have changed in last year or so, but while Starling do credit check it would seem they are a lot less harsh than most high street banks are for none basic accounts