Credit Card Suggestions


Just wondering what credit cards people are using alongside Starling?

There are clearly many benefits to having a credit card, along with your Starling debit card, e.g.:

  • Backup if debit card gets lost
  • For Section 75 protection on purchases >£100
  • Interest-free period on purchases
  • Ability to have a Visa card as a backup if there are Mastercard issues
  • Cashback/rewards

But I’m looking for a credit card company that has the same ethos as Starling, i.e. on the forefront of Fintech with a focus on a great mobile app.

What card would you recommend?

(Unfortunately Tandem don’t want me for some reason)


And I tried them and found them so lacking in ideas (a Facebook page is the limit of their fintech credentials), I dropped them.

I don’t see anyone pushing it right now…


Tandem do have at least one more card coming out imminently. It doesn’t solve your problem for today, and i don’t know alternatives, but they seem to know that there are about a dozen people in Britain able to pass the criteria to get the original card so are working on a portfolio of cards.

I think the problem is that they don’t quite know what they want to be. Ricky’s very good with the buzzwords and appearing to be a brash yank storming in, but they need to work out who they are going forward, rather than just what they were going to be before it all went horribly wrong, which was actually probably a lucky save as had the HoF thing happened they’d probably be in a worse place at this point.


I would potentially have said Nationwide if not for the requirement of being at the forefront of Fintech and a focus on having a great mobile app. They’re about a legacy as you can get, but even then I may still have said to check them out. However, I’ve been sitting on hold for over an hour for a basic issue with them, so definitely not Nationwide, if that helps. :grin:


I use Tandem, can’t stand the app and the support is horrendous, so I wouldn’t currently recommend them to anyone.

I still like my Barclaycard works everywhere, never had an issue, excellent fraud detection. But doesn’t offer anything you want lol.


Only plus on tandem is the instant alerts.


Pointless when you can’t use the card at night because they block it three times in a row. No 24/7 support either.

But if it worked properly then yes that’s a good feature instant notifications.


I was going to suggest Tandem, but as “they don’t want you…” :disappointed_relieved:

But don’t be fooled - Tandem really are not as progressive as you might expect. For example, while you get notifications of transactions in real time, currently you cannot get your statement electronically; it drops on to your doormat every month courtesy of your local postie.

They are looking to change things in the coming months. And they are actively seeking feedback from their customers as they are organising focus sessions to see what their customers want.

Other than Tandem, I think Tesco Bank have a good range of credit cards. No instant notifications, but their app is quite good and offers some great facilities (download statement, pay your bill, pending transactions are visible, card blocking and reordering, a widget, and arranging balance transfers).


I haven’t found a Credit Card with a FinTechy app. I don’t believe one exists. Until one comes along, I’ll be sticking with Tesco Bank and Barclaycard - both are OK.

If you don’t mind a few acceptance issues, Amex provide instant notifications.


Are there fees attached, Ben?



However, you can use cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback to offset the fees (sometimes entirely).


Thanks for all your replies so far. Wow, so sounds like there isn’t much movement in the world of credit cards. (Perhaps something for Starling to consider further down the line then).

I’ll keep an eye on Tandem over the next 6 months / year then and consider re-applying.


I’ve a couple of credit cards. The Santander one is pure legacy but having previously had a current account for a prolonged period, I’ve got a decent limit (use it all month and pay in full model).

Tandem offered a non-negotiable £2000.

Instant transaction notification comes with Curve for me.

(Though a knowledgeable friend of mine warned me be about its business model longterm :wink:).


Just out of curiosity, do you get these notifications via the Amex app, or via Google Pay? I set the Amex app to give me instant spend notifications, yet it never does. But when I attached the card to Google Pay, and turned the “Show all purchases” option on, I get instant notifications via that instead, even for stuff bought outside of Google Pay.


I use it rarely. Used on a weekend break to New York and a few bits and pieces


I use Amex extensively. The Platinum Everyday Cashback Credit Card has no annual fee and gives you cashback on all your spending… 5% for the first three months (up to £100 cashback), then 0.5% until you’ve spent £5,000 in a membership year, with 1% on all spending above that.

Use my link for £10 bonus cashback:


It’s the Amex app itself that gives the instant notification irrespective of mobile wallet or card use


It’s a fantastic feature - love getting the notifications on my phone through Google Pay even when I’ve used my card to make a purchase.


They all come through via Apple Pay.

There are quite a few settings in-app. I’m guessing if you turn “Purchase Alerts” on, the Apple Pay notifications will stop? Or will both come through?


Halifax Clarity card is probably a good choice (if paying off in full each month). Good for using abroad like Starling and the app is pretty good too. You may struggle with visa credit cards, only Barclaycard in mainstream who push them to any degree