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Hi - Trying to make a new post but gives me access denied - how do I get post a new topic?

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Hi @Darren_Sloper!

Welcome to the community!

You will need to spend a few minutes reading posts before you can create a topic

If you need anything, just shout :grinning:


Hi Logan,

When I originally tried to post is was after 45 minutes of looking through posts to see if I could find the answer. I couldn’t so spent another 20 minutes typing my post in the ‘new post’ box, and when I press Submit it keeps saying not authorised.

So, currently it has been 65 minutes of logged in reading and trying to post - can you advise just how many minutes I need to wait until I can post? I only want to post because in-app support said I should post here, so to be honest feeling like I am getting the run around

Do I really have to waste over a full hour just to get support?



I’m sorry about that @Darren_Sloper!

If you click on your profile and head over to summary, can you confirm what your ‘Read Time’ is currently on? I see it as 5 minutes. We will need that doubled before you are able to create a thread.

It seems it may be a bit slow updating right now if you have spend over an hour on the forums.


I have to say I have never such problems getting support from a bank in my life.

The fact I cannot get support makes me very concerned about trusting my money with you.

I have just checked my browser history I read over 20 articles, each of the travel countries yet you say this only took 5 minutes? According to my browser is was 43 minutes.

So you get support for my account I need to now read for even longer things that are not relevant.

Not a good way to inspire confidence startling.


I have located the message you sent to us and I have responded there. I hope that message resolves your immediate questions :smiley:


The forum sign-up experience is not the most user-friendly. Forced to tie a login to a third-party account, then limited posting rights. I understand why the limitation, but it’s not made very clear to new users what they have to do to be able to post.


Hi @Darren_Sloper,

The forum board/online community is a really useful resource. However, if you have an issue with your account, you can get directly in touch with Starling Customer Services through the app. Just click the Customer Service menu item then “Get In Touch”.



Uhm, what? There’s no “new post” button, no indication anywhere of the situation, no advice, just horrible UX all round. I don’t even get access denied, I just don’t have the option to see how to post whatsoever.

Very confusing indeed!


Hi @jph - Do you not have a “New Topic” option on the main screen?

If not, feel free to post your question here and someone will undoubtedly answer soon.

Alternatively, get in touch with Starling through the app.



I do now but it has only appeared in the 30 mins or so since I created my account and there was no explanation either way.


Yeah, I think it’s the way that discourse (the forum software), works out “read time”.

Starling have set it so that you need to have 10 mins of “read time” before you can post a new thread.

I agree, it could be clearer.


The third party log-in is a pain. At home, I log-in with Facebook, but at work FB is blocked, so I can’t use this community!


It couldn’t be less clear! There’s simply no post button and no explanation on any page why or that you need to wait or anything.


Why have you rejected me from opening an account 3 times. I even have an account with Monzo, what is your problem and why don’t you give an explanation???


I totally agree.

I’ve been reading the posts here for a couple of months, checking up on things, and finding answers. I’ve not needed an account to read so I did not create one.
Then when I felt I needed to ask a question; I created an account and had more or less the same features as if I hadn’t logged in.

That isn’t generally how forums work. There isn’t any explanation that, that is how it works here. Where exactly are people suppose to glean this from?

I did not want to setup an account using third party services, like Google or Facebook. I tend to use the email format of or - so that each service has its own unique email address - not possible here. But is possible everywhere else on the internet.

I also had no idea how to post/create a topic, and only by chance came across this topic. Which went some way to explain why I couldn’t find a way to create a topic earlier.


Hi @Lewys, welcome to the forum!

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the reasons why new users can’t create new threads etc.

In my experience, this is how most forums work for new users.

The log in situation is well documented, and a common frustration for a lot of people - There have been many many comments on that, but so far, nothing has been done.

That being said, it’s still a minor issue when we are talking about the future of an exciting bank.

Did you have a question you wanted to ask?


I appreciate there can be reasons why users should not be able to post everywhere in a forum from the start, but to restrict it to not being able to post anywhere is unusual. Coupled with there being no communication on why you can’t post a topic or when you might expect to be able to. Even in the ‘Getting started in the Starling Community’ topic there is nothing. Not even a hint of a mention. I had no button, link or anything to click.

It wouldn’t take much in the way of effort to communicate something to new users.

I can open a bank account with Starling and spend the money in less time than it takes to be able to post a topic on Starling’s forum. That is how a lot of people will look at it.

My question was on CASS, but it is too late and I’d like to do some more reading before posting just yet.

Thank you for the welcome. :grinning:


Hi @Lewys,

Welcome to the community! I can appreciate your frustration - it could be made much clearer how the forum works, and hopefully that is something Starling will address.

In the meantime, feel free to ask your question about CASS whenever you’re ready - we’re a pretty friendly bunch :slight_smile: Just don’t expect an answer during the England match tomorrow! :wink: