Create payee without payment


In the IOS app, my partner and I wanted to add each other as Payees so that it is simpler to transfer funds when we need to, though without making an immediate payment.

It is not immediately obvious how one would do this as there is no save payee option, only pay and cancel.

Although prompted to save payee on cancel the logical process would be to add a payee and tap save and then be prompted:

“Congrats! You’ve just added a new payee. Would you like to send a payment now?”

Much friendly experience :stuck_out_tongue:

A few thoughts on 'Pay' functionality

Yes we know! We are working on updates to this as we speak. We are delivering updates iteratively and so you’ll start to see some additions (like adding photos and a new payee list) in the next release, and then the add payee flow and payments will get updated soon afterwards.


Thanks @sarah.guha.
Apologies if that’s already reported back :slight_smile:


The payee flow is that already in Android or going to be the next payee phase?