Coventry Building Society


I don’t know if this is a known issue or not but I tried to withdraw cash at Coventry BS ATM outside and it didn’t work, got the end and it says I can’t withdraw cash.

I don’t really withdraw cash so don’t know how well it works in other places.


Possibly a LINK only machine? Where was the cash machine located and I’ll try and take a look.


Maybe there needs to be an FAQ for ‘Where can I obtain cash from an atm’


I thought it might be the case with the LINK only as it wouldn’t let me withdraw from my Amex either and then I was stuck I had to find somewhere else.

It was Coventry Building Society Sheffield
24-26 Norfolk Row, Sheffield S1 2PA



Coventry Building Society are part of LINK and does appear to be a LINK cash machine. The cash machine at Cardtronics is LINK as well. Doesn’t appear to use MasterCard.


If it helps @TTTJJ there does seem to be a MasterCard ATM at the Nottingham Building Society, which looks like it’s almost opposite?

This may come in handy:


Great support chaps :grinning:


Thanks for that @Parker, now … where can I file that so I can find it again? R-


I think they have an app - I remember using it whilst abroad


Indeed, Mastercard do it’s called Nearby…




Hmmm… that map resizing fault is annoying though. My view of my location is from about 36,000 feet - I can’t zoom in to see any detail. R-


Maybe Mastercard do it to remind us how small and insignificant we are to them? :grin:


It really is - I remember using it abroad and found it useful but only in list view where the directions button opens a (somewhat) more reliable map