Could we see more choice of where to download apps from in future?


I’ve just read an article about the “uproar” caused by the fact Epic Games won’t be distributing Fortnite to Android users via the Play Store. (I’ve never played it myself, but apparently it’s a pretty big deal).

Anyway, it raises the question as to whether we’ll see more app stores seriously enter the fray when it comes to distributing new content to users? And could it potentially force Google’s hand in lowering the fees they charge creators?


I don’t use Google Play Store unless I have to.

I will either use Amazon App store or a different one.


I think the only time I’ve ever used anything other than the Play Store was back in the day when Amazon were still at major loggerheads with Google, and the only way to get Prime Video was to download the Amazon Underground app directly from Amazon, and then use that to download Prime Video.


Fornite has a massive following so it be interesting to see what happens with this.

Smaller devs would have to use the best distribution as possible to reach as many people.

As for other app stores. On Android it is possible and we do see the likes of Amazon. But the issue is Google play is default. There would need to a very popular must have app that is exclusive outside the play store. People do not want to jump through extra steps and security boxes unless there some must have game or app. Also google play already has your card details and provides a secure form of app distribution.

No doubt other major companies are watching with interest to see if fornite can create an opening.


I actually normally use 1 mobile market, its Chinese but has decent security and been reviewed by many top tech sites as being safe. The advantage is you can download the apk directly. so bypass silly restrictions in the Google Play Store.

I’ve been using it for years.


Why all the hate for the Google play store?

It’s mad to encourage people to get their apps any other way just for security reasons. It’s the main thing that keeps people safe especially on outdated versions of Android.

Apple charge 30% as well. I think this could easily back fire when kids are downloading dodgy apks and it will probably be Google that will get the blame.


Android is open no reason for Google to have the monopoly.

It’s not hate, just common sense.

Competition can only be a good thing. Enough do something, Google will adapt.


It’s more likely epic will have to adapt to not having many people download the app.

Having the app on the play store means more users and more income which will probably offset the 30% Google charge anyway.

If having your app outside the play store is so great it’s strange no one else really does it. I’ve noticed Facebook is updating outside the play store which Google seems to just be ignoring.


I noticed that too. I disabled the in-app update, and just wait for it to roll through the usual Play Store release mechanism. Generally a day or so after the FB app starts telling me there’s a new version of the app available via a nag message.


You really have no idea if you think no one does it.

The combined stores of 1 mobile and the other top 5 have more downloads that Google Play store does combined.

It’s only in Europe and the USA markets is Google Play the dominant store.


Apart from China I’m not sure I believe that :wink:

In the UK I still expect them to not do as well simply because it’s not on the play store.


That’s why Android forks have not be successful. However the recent EU fine could change that.


I doubt most of the public using android even know what version they are on, let alone bypass the Play Store :wink:


Well Huawei for example on all the new phones they release the default app is AppGallery not Google Play Store, Sony are working on there app store, Samsung are working on a more indepth one.

It will be normal for people to not automatically go to Google Play with the big manufacturers not making it default. Those that don’t know what Android version they are on, will download from the app store on the phone.

Things change.


I have a Huawei phone and just gave app gallery a go. It doesn’t have all the apps I use, no reviews and horrible search.

Definitely not for me.


I think the Amazon Fire Phone and the Nokia X line were the most extreme of any Android fork - neither with Google Play store I believe.


Doesn’t 1mobile allow porn apps and a few other things that might not be appropriate for all users?


Nope. It’s against their terms, just like most other big app stores.


Going to and searching porn gives you lots of hits. Is that the wrong site?


Just for research purposes.