Copy Inconsistencies in App


I’ve also clocked some UI problems that irritate me. Small problems, but this lack of detail really makes me think to what level of detail is this bank working to behind the scenes with my money.

The use of ‘&’ and ‘and’ are not consistent.

Upper and lower case ‘P’

The word ‘Card’ is missing from the card in Apple Wallet

Community Forum Bad UX

default Discourse looks ugly but it works with most devices whereas this site has problems on various devices so you end up changing orientation or toggling between mobile and desktop setting in the hope it will display better


Default Discourse UI is easier than this


I’ve reported the inconsistent use of ‘and’ and ‘&’ several times since September ‘17 and it’s still not been fixed. It’s one of the things that strikes me as extremely important to showcase the level of detail is being worked to - particularly for something like a banking app. How’s about getting them fixed?

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As a copywriter by trade, I am with you! Consistency and attention to detail is key. My opinion of a brand plummets at the sight of avoidable errors.


To add, the majority of style guides discourage the ampersand. I’m not a big fan of it either.


100% agree about the opinion of a brand. Makes me question what else are they missing.

And to add that it was reported 7 months ago too!


On desktop sites there is no need for it normally but:
A) on mobile apps and mobile optimized websites it can be used to prevent a long line of text wrapping on to a second line if it a few characters too long
B) an ‘&’ can often be used to make text more readable, e.g.:
“We have Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar” whereas “We have Cheese and Onion and Salt and Vinegar” does not read as well.


Yes, that makes a lot of sense. However, in the examples highlighted by @Ad13, both points A and B are irrelevant; it’s just simple sloppiness.


Yet another iOS release and this still isn’t fixed. This was reported back in September and then again twice since. Starling, these little details are slightly worrying. You should be working to finer detail than this.


Maybe I am in the minority here but I am not bothered about spelling or correct capitals. I prefer the product and new features are all coming and working.


The devil is in the detail. Simple errors really tarnish my thoughts of a company or brand. It demonstrates to me that they miss the finer detail. This is especially inportant to me in something like banking.

Incidentally, I absolutely love the Starling app and I’m not picking holes in it. The level of thought that has gone in to it is nothing short of brilliant. This is why this simple, little thing irritates me. Everything else is close to perfect.


Still not fixed…


And also the inconsistent use of upper and lower case. This time on the website. On the app and website, capital letters are usually used. Not so on this screen.


Hi Adrian

we’ve run this through legal and the special case of ‘&´ for t&cs is exactly that, special. It’s a term that must be used as it is to match mentions and documents elsewhere.
The remaining items use Standard English.


Get that but it looks a right mess. Just select a stylistic preference and stick to it. If you’d have selected a consistent style from the outset, then perhaps you wouldn’t have had to made a ‘special’ case. Just saying.

Matching inconsistencies to be consistent?!?!

The screen shot below is from Waitrose. Exactly the same complete mess.


@Kris You’re even mismatching the use of ‘and’ and ‘&’ inside the terms and conditions so your response is confusing…


9 months and still not fixed!


oh, that screen looks like an Oxford comma is missing :crazy_face:


Sorry I don’t understand. My comments were about the inconsistent use of ‘and’ and ‘&’ throughout the whole app. The information that Starling provided by @Kris that it has to be like this for legal reasons doesn’t appear to be correct either.