Copy details/image on Add Money screen


So now that screen shots have been semi disabled…

When family or friends ask my bank details I have tended to screen shot the add money screen, crop it and send it.

Could we have it so I can just tap that square and it copies the image to my clipboard for easy of sharing…or even offer me the <: share icon…

This would be very handy…

Copy card number to clipboard
Competition from N26

If you go to Account Management > Account Details, there should be a button that says “Share Account Details”. You can share by things like text or email.


i never saw that share button!

they should still make it less screens to do and maybe pretty it up a little… :slight_smile:


I must admit I have being doing the same with cut and pasting a screen shot

Seems just a little quicker at times


10 seconds to share bank details is horrific. What on earth are Starling thinking?:stuck_out_tongue:


Also, on the account details page you can just press & hold details to copy them to clipboard! :slight_smile:


Didn’t notice that…but…have to copy account number…go to WhatsApp…paste…go back to starling…log in (sometimes) …copy sort code …back to what’s app.

At least make account and sort one copy!