Converting Sole Trader to Ltd or a Sole Trader and Ltd in app


OK well I’m sort of liking the business side of Starling, easy to use and notifications are great.

So I’m considering one of two options or maybe both.

Can you convert a sole trader account to a Limited Company account if I go down the route of registering my trading name as a company ?

Also I am considering bringing a Limited company account over, so is it possible to have both a Sole trader account and a Limited company account in app ?

Personally I would prefer to keep the sole trader account as is, but it is just an option, and then bring a new Limited company over.


This you can’t do and it isn’t an option that will be available in the immediate future.

This however will be possible shortly. Now that joint accounts are live, we can focus on allowing you to sign up to accounts in any order


Excellent. Thank you