Continuous Payment Authority Management


I think it would great if Starling could list and allow managing continuous payment authority payments (recurring card payments).

Banks have to allow customers to cancel these but historically it has been difficult to get a bank to do this. If Starling could simplify this by letting customers cancel these themselves in the app, it would be a huge leap forward for customers. It would also give peace of mind for customers when providing their card for recurring payments.

This may somewhat overlap with virtual cards but still would be good to offer as some users may never make use of virtual cards.

Subscriptions in Scheduled Payments

Nice one - this sounds very useful. I’ve just passed it on to the team! :grinning:


I’d go with this too. Be a nice security feature seeing these things listed.


I’d also like to see this one in Starling.
More interested in tracking just how many subscriptions I have and what the total amount is so that I can’t determine if I’m spending too much, as it all adds up!

Here’s an example app
Bobby - Track subscriptions by Yummygum


Good idea.

Historically banks said they could not stop it, and you had to go the merchant. This is not, and never was true, but many banks said so.

Now they tend not to, but it is not always easy, and I would not always trust the merchant.

If you could have full control, it would reassure a lot of people who choose to cancel subscriptions.


Yes, always found such subscriptions a cause for uncertainty.


Rather than starting a new post.

Does Starling have an update if they plan to list and / or manage subscription payments? I think at least listing these will be super useful. I imagine many people get surprised when a random payment comes out.


I would love to see this feature, it’s something that has caused me problems in the past.


Isn’t a continuous payment authority simply a business storing your card details and then charging you when they want?

I presume a bank just blocks them from being able to do this if you ask. If I’m right then it’s not possible to have a list.