Contactless Rings


hey guys what about a partnership with payment rings and be the first bank in UK to provide it?! Would be amazing. I have a Kerv ring and all my friends are impressed when I use it. Shame Kerv app doesn’t exist and it’s just a pre paid card.
I heard Bankwest from Australia is the first bank to partnership with the inventors of nfc rings. I’m sure lots of people in Uk would be crazy to get their hands in one when a bank introduces it here. What do you guys here in the community think?


Barclays already offer something similar bPay do smart rings.


I’d love this… I really hope Starling can somehow source this. They don’t need to worry about money because I’d definitely pay to have a contactless ring that was directly associated with my account and wasn’t prepay.

I might use an old NatWest card to see if I can get the contactless chip and aerial out. Apparently, soaking it in nail varnish remover should soften it up and make it pullapartable. Then the sky is the limit. Rings, watches, bracelets… I might sew it in into my back pocket so I have to sit on the card reader every time I want to pay for something! :joy: :joy:


Similar. But nothing like a discreet nice ring you can wear all the time. And it’s pre paid.


You say it’s prepaid as if that’s a good thing…


I’d like something like this but not a ring as I don’t wear jewellery. Maybe a key ring fob or something.


I used my bPay band on my old watch which wasn’t Android pay enabled.

I nearly bought a watch with it built in, but decided to opt for a proper android watch instead.

bPay do actually do rings but not directly, other jewelers and companies do them. It’s prepaid but not a major problem as you can any card you want with bPay. You can get watches etc with it built in. Barclays just haven’t really done well with advertising it.

Timex do a selection of watches with bPay built in. I think it might be ernest jones that do the bPay rings, I can’t remember of the top of my head.


Like you @FabioGirardi I have been using my KERV ring now for some time. It quick, convenient and means I don’t need to carry my wallet around everywhere - especially useful when out exercising, gym etc. It’s now invaluable. I also use bPay, as a backup - the band device on my fitbit - so fingers crossed, i’ll never get caught without. It’s always been a bugbear of mine, that both need “topping-up” from a card, linked to my current account… Would love to see Starling take the initiative on this.


How does this work for security? With a smartwatch you have to press a button and/or authenticate before you can make a payment. Is the ring ‘on’ all the time? Your card is ‘on’ all the time, of course, but usually it’s out of sight, at least, if not protected in other ways.


I believe it’s there all the time on rings… But the £30 maximum is set in stone, unlike your virtual wallet. So it would be no different, security-wise, than your common, all-garden debit card… Just on your finger instead.


With the bPay band, I’ve found you have to tap the plastic cover of the band to the reader for it to work.

Unlike contactless cards that have a longer range.


Check KERV out


Yeah… But its prepay. I just want a ring that is immediate from my bank.


To answer @Andrew question, the ring is live all the time, you may have seen from the Kerv website that you have to “fist bump” the card reader for it to work, I’ve not had any issues with security for the year or so I have been using it. @ItsPaul is right, standard contactless limit £30, but it is prepay. I too would love it to come from my current account, rather than a 3rd party acct that’s topped up. I love using it for speed at the checkout. It just there, rather than reaching for my wallet or phone - same for the bpay band, it’s on my wrist strap! Definitely a way forward.


It’s funny: some people are super-sensitive and keep their contactless cards in signal-blocking wallets (even though I’m not aware of any actual reports of rogue “brush past” card skimming - there is fraud potential but it’s harder than that).

Meanwhile, other people want the contactless thing out there in the open for all to see (or, allegedly, to skim).

As for me, I’ll stay somewhere in the middle.