Contactless Issues



I got my card about a week ago and while the account is great, I’m having some funny issues with contactless on a lot of readers. I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

Quite often it’ll need 3 attempts to get it to read properly. I noticed on an iZettle reader that the error was “present one card only” followed by “Present card again”. The 3rd attempt worked. I’m definitely only presenting my Starling card. :slight_smile:

TFL readers are equally stubborn. Am I supposed to hold this card a precise distance from the readers and recite some mystical incantation to make it work reliably? :smiley:

I don’t get this issue when I use my Halifax card or Barclays Visa.


Hi Mark…

This is unusual and I’ve not seen it brought up before, nor had this issue myself. There could be an issue with that particular card? Could you get in touch with our customer service team via the app, they should be able to help with this.



I’ve used my card loads and in lots of places and not had a problem with contactless at all including with TFL, so sounds more like a specific issue to you.

I’ve never had to specifically hold my card a specific distance, sometimes I touch it to the pad, other times I don’t and it still works.


Sounds like it might be the card itself then. I’ll get in touch with CS and see if I can get a new card.

Thanks :slight_smile:


OK this is weird. Card is working fine now! Maybe it saw my post and didn’t want to be shredded!