Contactless card limit


I was under the impression that the contactless card limit is £30, but I’ve just tried to spend exactly that by contactless - tried at least 5 or 6 times - and to my embarrassment this wouldn’t go through. I eventually tried Android pay which worked immediately.

Is the contactless card limit in fact £29.99 rather than £30?


My understanding is the limit in the UK for contactless without any PIN or signature (I have done contactless and signature for higher amounts at one retailer) is £30.00

However, I can imagine one scenario. A poorly configured terminal or POS computer to which a terminal is connected.

Also, and this highly unlikely, the transaction is a higher amount with discounts applied maybe the amount works out at £30.005 and they charge the customer £30.00 but the system knows it is over?


I believe it was an iZettle card reader, using a POS iPad app. So this could have contributed to the reversal?

On each attempt, I received a Starling notification to say it had been successful, then an immediate reversal notification. I’ve never came across this before. The reversals aren’t appearing in my statement.

Not entirely sure on the .005 scenario. We were in a cafe, so I doubt there’d have been any up or down rounding.


if the system is setup for price + VAT rather than price inc VAT then rounding will take place.


Ah! Makes sense! Thanks!


The 1/2p scenario would only apply if you made a large purchase and got a discount e.g. (and this is mental arithmetic so I may be wrong) £33.34 with a 10% discount is £30.006 so they may charge you £30 but technically it is over the £30 limit.

More likely it is an issue with iZettle :slight_smile:


Good support, chaps


I have used my Starling card with an iZettle reader and iPad POS app in a café before both above and below £30 so while I can’t answer the problem of your £30 transaction I can confirm it is not an issue with the card acceptance


Reassuring to know! Appreciate your help :slight_smile: