Contacting support


Nobody is answering the phone and live chat isn’t available on the site, I was mugged last night and my mobile was stolen but I still have my card. I was hoping to lock this down, any staff here that can assist?

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I have flagged this to the attention of staff. Hopefully one replies soon.


As you had no luck via phone. Ping a message over to Starling at, and they’ll get back to you usually within two hours.


I’m not trying to be overly critical here, but if they are not answering the phones or live chat, not sure email is going to make much difference.


This is really worrying, support is meant to be available around the clock. Any official word from @StarlingSupport?

Hope you’re OK @krism - mobiles can be replaced, as long you’re not too shaken, that’s the main thing :+1:t2:


Hi @krism,

We’ll send a direct message now and find the best contact number to reach you on.

Happy to help.


Is there an issue with support at the moment @Oliver_Wright or did @krism just get unlucky as it was a particularly busy time?



This may have been a busy time but we always want to deal with these queries at the first point of enquiry so we are sorry @krism did not get through.

We have reached out to now to hopefully resolve this.

Sorry to hear of the circumstances.


I think there must be some sort of log-jam. I have tried three times to “chat” (8 waiting, 17 waiting and now 9) and my IOS device logs out before getting an answer. I have called twice. The first time the CS person tried to help but the suggested solution provided a loop (1) the second person could not hear me and terminated the call. No attempt to call me back though, which I find odd. I have left two “in app” messages. Awaiting reply. R-

Addendum: This was on my iPhone. Trying the first suggestion (1) worked fine on my iPad (I have just discovered).