Contact Nicknames, or Grouped Contacts


Feature Request:

So here is the scenario; I have a few different accounts (2nd current account, business account, savings account etc) all in my name, so at the moment I come up 3 times in the payee section looking exactly the same. My other half also has multiple accounts, so same happens there.

I would like to see the payee section change in one of 2 ways:

  1. ability to add multiple accounts (with nicknames or similar) to one contact, so when I, for example, tap to pay my other half some money, I can choose to send it to her Santander, Revolut, or Savings account, all stored under one contact in the payee’s section.

or, if that is too much of an issue

  1. A 3rd field added to the names section, so I can nickname each contact (so Ben Macrow Business, Ben Macrow Savings etc)

That would just tidy up that payee section no end!


Good feature request. :slight_smile:

I’m currently differentiating by uploading different photos.


Good shout, that may well be the way I go.

Obviously from a feature request perspective, point 1 of my OP would be preferential :wink:


That’s funny @Ben i had two savings accounts in my name and used the logos of the companies and before I got rid of my legacy bank.


Really nice suggestion, I’ve passed this one over to my team. We’re exploring how to improve the payments screen and this is really useful feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome, thanks @jamespratley.

Also if Starling wanted to make transfers even easier between it would be
great to see a service or email or text payment request that
allowed people to send me money or vice versa without having to send
account details.