Constant password entries when editing payees


Hi. Just posted another thread, but thought I’d post this one separately for clarity as they’re technically unrelated, although they do both relate to payees. I was editing a bunch of payees that had been migrated using the CASS, just to tidy them up (because Royal Bank’s online banking limitations meant I had to abbreviate and/or NEEDLESSLY CAPITALIZE a bunch of them :roll_eyes:) and every single time I edit a payee I need to re-enter my password. I get that it’s for security, but it gets a bit wearing if you’re editing ten payees and have to enter your password ten times. Better would be either logic that says “if you entered your password in the last 5 minutes and you haven’t logged out or switched away from the app, you don’t need to enter it again” or at least the option to use my fingerprint for subsequent verifications rather than only my password. Thanks.


I’ve made the same suggestion a few times on here. Really hope it’s something Starling are considering.


Yeah, that would be a start. Beyond that I’d like to see the ability to merge payees together or mass-edit/delete them, but just getting rid of all the password prompts if I really do have to do them one at a time would be my priority.


The password is annoying as hell and definitely not something you would expect from a modern banking app in the year 2018.