Considering switching


im really considering switching from my Santander current account to Starling. I have a couple of direct debits coming out in the next couple of days so i think i will wait till they go through first.

have you guys used the switch service ? how do it go to you ? and has anyone moved from Santander.

Merry Christmas!


Hi Daniel

I was with Santander for several years. Made the switch in June. I elected for the partial switch, though you have the option to go for the full version. I subsequently transferred my salary manually.

Doing it again, I’d just to the Full one. You’re wise to get any imminent payments out of the way first, though. Hope this helps…

Welcome aboard, by the way.:grinning:


I switched from TSB with no flaws whatsoever; everything went well and all within the stated 7 days. I simply called my HR department to give and to make sure my new details were passed on so I’d be paid correctly too. :smile:


I switched from Nationwide to Starling in May without any problems. I use Starling as my main current account. Any other questions, let us know :smile:


I switched one of my accounts from Santander with no problem, I got a text and letter in the post from Santander confirming the switch and then Starling notified me when the switch had completed.


I switched one of my accounts from and that completed on time and successfully. I can’t switch my main account as that is a joint one which Starling don’t offer yet.


Hi, I switched from Santander using the full switch service and it went perfectly.

All of my DDs went over without a problem and I had good notifications from Starling throughout.


Yep, it’s a good service. :+1:


Thanks for the reassuring replies guys :slight_smile:


I fully switched my Barclays, Metro and Lloyds accounts about 6 months ago. In total, 14 Direct Debits and 6 Standing Orders were moved over to Starling.

You won’t regret switching. :slight_smile:


awesome to hear that Ben : )

Looks like i will be switching over soon in the new year!

The main draw for me at the moment is instant notifications of when you buy things. Don’t have to wait a working day or sometimes even more! *cough santander…


What does a partial switch entail?


Direct Debits switched but account not automatically closed but left open


Check out -


Useful guidance here, @Sheza, but note that a partial switch won’t give you some of the subtle stuff that a full switch provides, but does give you control.